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My 15th settlement build from 2019, finally for download!
Inspired by Little Lamplight from FO3, this settlement is run by children. They are protected by robot guards.
Lore friendly! Requires a ton of mods, I'm afraid.

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TENPINES BLUFF - Fort Lamplight

This is my 15th settlement build from 2019, finally for download!

General note: My blueprints have a growing list of requirements. I am aware that this makes them unsuitable for most people. I didn't design my settlements with blueprints in mind. I'm only making them available now because I'm been asked a lot over the years. So now I provide the service for the few people who might actually go along with the requirements for whatever insane reason. ;)

There is a lot of lag due to the size of the settlement. Dips as low as 20 fps on my rig (=i7-4790K, GTX 1080Ti).


Inspired by Little Lamplight from Fallout 3, this settlement is run by children and protected by their robot guards. No adults except caravan traders allowed inside. More lore in the video!

Fort Lamplight has to offer:
  • caravan trading posts in and around the fort
  • a chicken pen
  • a school with an assaultron teacher
  • science class workstations
  • a robot workshop
  • a hairdresser
  • a gym
  • a robot run kitchen
  • a rooftop lounge
  • several dogs

There is:
  • 29 food
  • 47 water
  • 18 power
  • 149 defense
  • 33 beds


  • The chickens will probably spawn outside the pen. Delete and replace or put them in the pen. Their sandbox isn't too big. They should eventually stay.
  • Please scrap the ruined house. Do NOT scrap the shack. Don't scrap the inside of the shack either except for the left side mattress. Scrapping the stone walls is optional.

Required mods that have been deleted from Nexus and moved to Bethesda.net or elsewhere:
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • CREAtive Clutter - All DLC
  • CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets
  • Reginald's PreFab ShackFest
  • USO - Unlocked Settlement Objects
  • Modular Kitchen
  • School Desks
  • Gruffydd's Signs of the Times
  • Gruffydd's Signs and Posters

Note: Several of the smaller workshop mods I used in the beginning became redundant after installing Workshop Rearranged and other big mods. However, I never went back and replaced these to keep the required mod count down. I never intended to upload my settlements! Apologies for the bloated requirements!

You should have F4SE, HUDFramework, and Transfer Settlements installed.
Drop the downloaded file into the Data folder. This blueprint uses slot 15. If you already have a blueprint there, back it up! Or put the Json file in a different slot of your choosing.

Orphans Of The Commonwealth
Child Outfits Vanilla and Conversions Standalone
Mr Handy Accessories
Teddy Brain and Misc Robot Parts
Assaultron Miscellaneous Armor