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"Are you friggin' Serious? Vault Tec even put one of these HERE?!"

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Pretty straightforward. It's a vault. In the middle of Boston.
This is my first upload to the Nexus, be gentle.
This mod is made to work perfectly well with vanilla. But there are just a couple of small convenience mods used.
If you don't want to use those mods, you won't even notice what's missing, basically.

There are other Blueprints that use purely Vanilla assets, but none that actually look good to me.
And believe it or not, this build was meant to look nice, as well as be very basic for those who aren't fans of building.
Has 30 food, 30 water, 22 beds, 20 power, and 120+ defense.
Also includes a tier 2 Weapons, Armor, Junk, and Bar shop. And a tier 3 Clinic.

There is more than one of every crafting bench. And one of each in the Overseers Office.
Also, I've made sure to build the Overseers Office in the area that settlers don't walk to.
(unless you have a mod that fixes the broken Hangman's Alley sandbox area. In which case, expect to see settlers in your bedroom)
The Overseers Office is also right next to one of the three exits of the Alley, for convenience.

Here's a [YouTube]  video of the first version ::


Auto Doors. To make some of the doors close themselves.
AWKCR. Pretty common mod, just a couple of workbenches used here.
Vault Door Fix.  The navmesh of the vault door added by Vault Tec DLC is broken. This mod fixes that.
Settlement Objects Expanded.  Another popular mod. All that's being used is the doors. If you don't want to use this mod, the DLC doors snap into place just fine instead. However, the Auto Doors mod doesn't work on the DLC doors, interestingly.

For the rest, you'll need the Vault Tec DLC obviously. Plus the Contraptions DLC, purely for the Elevator.
If you don't care about the elevator, well, enjoy your mid-hallway closet?


I added alot of lights. If you have a mod that increases the brightness of workshop lights, this might blind you.
The entire third floor is mostly untouched. I left it in case you wanted to decorate rooms yourself.
However, you're going to want to use the Place Anywhere mod to do so, as things can only be placed on the floor
and then moved up onto the walls. Hangman's Alley doesn't let you build very high...

You're also going to want to use a Scrap Everything type mod for some parts of this. Just a few parts!!
I tried to build this with that in mind, you can see that I built around most of the structures. But a few things
do get in the way and need to be removed. Just watch the video to see what I left, or use your own common sense.

If you've got OCD, you'd best stay away from this. This is not a picture perfect build by any means.
I built this fast n' dirty. Objects are crooked and not aligned. And the surrounding buildings sticking through the
walls looks dumb in alot of places. I kinda like it though.

The video I recorded of this was meant to just help me screenshot, so it starts off slow
and weird. Forgive me. If requested, i'll upload a new video with voice.