Fallout 4

About this mod

Large secure, luxurious and wealthy building for Sanctuary Hills. All homes and apartments are fully furnished and decorated with much attention to detail.

Permissions and credits
The wealthy and exclusive Sanctuary Hills community is receiving an update!

In the next days I will be updating all of my settlements to an even higher level of quality, along with uploading all new settlements. The motto of the day is Luxury for Everyone!


My primary goal is to provide settlers with the best possible environment for earning a living and being comfortable. With that in mind I've built the apartments with my highest standards: containers to store their personal belongings, some reading material, medical supplies, an own (working) terminal, a large bed and numerous other decorations and add-ons. (Notice that my focus is all about role-playing.) Additionaly, each of them has a functioning, own bathroom (some settlers may even have a whole house).
There is also a kitchen for everyone (with at least a 4 star restaurant), plenty of areas to relax and so on. All of this is surrounded by a fortified wall. I consider this building a safe harbor in an unforgivable wasteland.
Compared to the life they had - living on the road in permanent danger while having only what they carry on the body - it must be like paradise, and that's what I wanted to achieve. My Sole Survivor takes her job as General very seriously and wishes to restart civilization, step by step.


Before transporting this mod please install Build High - Expanded Settlements, by ThernonWillow, and use the Scrap Everything mod to remove everything inside the building area, except for the roads and sidewalks. You will also need a mod that allows you to move your workbench (like Place Everywhere or Move That Workbench).

The newly updated versions use some content from Creation Club mods, but it's entirely up to you whether you want to include those parts of the content. If you want to keep the settlement looking like in my screenshots, then I encourage you to have these mods installed as well. 

  • Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop
  • Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack
  • Home Decor Workshop Pack
  • Arcade Workshop Pack

Settlement information:

  • Beds: 77 queen size beds* + 6 single beds + 1 child’s bed + 1 player (double) bed = 85 (counts as 86)
  • Food: 60 (provided by food machines) + 60 (provided by crops) = 120
  • Water: 2.016
  • Defence: 3.716
  • Total number of items: 15.099
  • Installs to slot: #001 

You can easily turn the single beds into double beds by adding extra blankets or pillows.

Road and street mod (optional):

If you would like to have your settlement as clean and fancy as mine then you will need to install the following mods (which are purely optional):

For better immersion and game-play I also recommend these mods:

Credits to Digi-Fu:

I would like to point out that I borrowed many ideas by Digi-Fu. If you like my building design then I also highly recommend taking a look at his settlements as he is a genius when it comes to making beautiful and amazing settlements! Many of his ideas inspired me so much that I used some of them in my own design (things like the wall, gates etc.). Some buildings like the market place or the wooden two-bed houses are (almost) copied completely, and
 all credits for those ideas deserve to go to him. Thank you very much, Digi-Fu, for being my muse!


- The apartments and pre-war houses have been completely overhauled
- A new apartment building has been added
- The "wood house" now includes a doughnat shop, a play room, and scavenging and Northland Diggers stations
- Transfer issues, like slightly misplaced objects, have been fixed
- Some more minor changes here and there