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My 13th settlement build from 2018, finally for download!
This is my bleakest settlement only the truly desperate or crazy go to spend the night. It's run by the psychopath chem king Rufus and his ghoul girlfriend.
There's only one rule: don't kill here.
Lore friendly! Requires a bunch of mods, I'm afraid.

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HANGMAN'S ALLEY Drifter Cental

This is my 13th settlement build from 2018, finally for download!

General note: My blueprints have a growing list of requirements. I am aware that this makes them unsuitable for most people. I didn't design my settlements with blueprints in mind. I'm only making them available now because I'm been asked a lot over the years. So now I provide the service for the few people who might actually go along with the requirements for whatever insane reason. ;)


This is my only bleak poor settlement only those go to who have nowhere else to go. Raiders and drifters of all kinds. Slave traders...
It's run by the psychopath chem king Rufus and his ghoul girlfriend who developed a new drug called Frenzy. Those who violate the one rule (don't kill here) either have to buy their freedom or if they can't pay are sold to slavers. Nobody not truly desperate goes to Hangman's Alley to spend the night.

This charming place has very little to offer:
  • a general trader
  • a small bar
  • a chems dealer
  • chemistry workbenches
  • Pick-me-up stations
  • a prostitute
  • several dogs

There is:
  • 16 food
  • 29 water
  • 146 power
  • 142 defense
  • 33 beds

  • All shacks except the one on the right on support poles have to be scrapped. As well as the junk wall and guard post inside and the two wooden walls (see screenshots). And the cinder blocks.

Required mods that have been deleted from Nexus and moved to Bethesda.net or elsewhere:
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • CREAtive Clutter - All DLC
  • CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets
  • Better Cooking Stations
  • Not Your Average Neon

Note: Several of the smaller workshop mods I used in the beginning became redundant after installing Workshop Rearranged and other big mods. However, I never went back and replaced these to keep the required mod count down. I never intended to upload my settlements! Apologies for the bloated requirements!

You should have F4SE, HUDFramework, and Transfer Settlements installed.
Drop the downloaded file into the Data folder. This blueprint uses slot 13. If you already have a blueprint there, back it up! Or put the Json file in a different slot of your choosing.