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Not a mod. Simply two settlement blueprints to build one continuous wall around Sanctuary Hills and the Red Rocket. Now includes a connection to Vault 111. Both files are required.

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Not a mod.  Simply two settlement blueprints to build one continuous wall around Sanctuary Hills and the Red Rocket.  Now includes a connection to Vault 111. Both files are required.

Blueprint now includes water, power and defenses around the Red Rocket, Sanctuary Hills, and Vault 111.  There are continuous and level catwalks around the inside wall on the top two levels.  There are also some walkable ledges on the outside where turrets, barricades, or barbed wire can be placed.

Sometimes there are anomalies when importing wired, switched connections.  This happened around the gates, sirens and electrical.  The elevators imported fine.  If you experience troubles with the powered connections, simply go to the affected parts, usually wires and switches, and store them, then connect fresh ones from the workshop menu.

I understand that enemies might spawn inside the wall; I made it for the h*** of it.  I kinda like it, even if it seems like it's just cosmetic.  Besides, I'll be putting defenses in my game.  Still gotta deal with Sturges, right ...


I cannot emphasize this enough.  If you only download one of the files, you will have an incomplete wall.  Remember that both Red Sanctuary Vault Part 1 and  Red Sanctuary Vault Part 2 are necessary for the complete wall effect.

Part 1 is for the Sanctuary Hills settlement blueprint slot and Part 2 is for the Red Rocket settlement blueprint slot.  Import each of them in the usual way with the Transfer Settlements holotape:  58 for Sanctuary Hills and 59 for the Red Rocket.  (If those numbers don't work for you, rename the folders to more suitable numbers.)

Since this is just two blueprints and not a mod, the process will require some manual scrapping of stuff that is in the way:

  • Use the scrapall console command in each settlement, but make sure Scrap Everything is not activated unless you literally want to start from scratch.  After using scrapall , re-activate Scrap Everything and manually clear the areas.  (I am only familiar with Scrap Everything, I haven't used any other scrapping mods.  Use whatever scrapping mod you're familiar with, as long as it does the trick.)

  • I usually get rid of the telephone poles and wires close to the Red Rocket, but that is a personal preference.  Also conspicuous by its absence is the Nuka Cola billboard.

  • Of course you don't have to scrap anything you don't want to ... but ...

  • ... the piles of rocks just to the south of the bridge can be problematic if not scrapped.

  • There are also some rocks in the river that can be scrapped as well, particularly where the eastern wall crosses the river.

All the DLCs and Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints are requirements.

Current wall requirements are:  Advanced Settlement Turret Set, Bridges and Stairs,  Homemaker, Settlement Electricity Overhaul, Settlement Object Expansion Pack, Snappy Housekit, Wireless Workshop Items, and Workshop Rearranged.

Build High - Expanded Settlements, Cleaner Lived-in Settlements, Place Everywhere, Scrap Everything, and The Sanctuary Bridge were also used and are strongly recommended.

My thanks to the creators of all the above mentioned mods who have made this possible.