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Outpost Zimonja settlement blueprint themed on brotherhood of steel

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Keep in mind English isn't my first language and this is my very first mod... well it's not really a mod but a blueprint. Anyway...

I always wondered what to do as a settlement with the outpost Zimonja then I stole the idea to RangerDave and made my own sauce. 

So it appears The Scribe, and his crew of two soldiers, crashed on the place.

Remains of a crashed vertibird testifys how it all started. They built their first refuge in the vertibird then The Scribe decided to wander the commonwealth in order to gather supply. Years later the crew will make contact with the Prydwen by reactivating the antenna. Now Zimonja became the farther BoS outpost in the commonwealth. A thriving camp that ironicaly Brandis never heard about.

This settlement requires a lot of mods. I tried to keep the list short but since some mods are mixed with others in my workshop menu, it was pretty challenging.
I recommend that you scrap almost everything with an extended scrapping list of your choice. Just keep the angled entrepot wall at the entrance and the fire brasero close to the antenna. Also tag the option to install vanilla items in the Transfert Settlement menu.

What you'll find there.

• All the workbenches included a grill workbench that produces 2 food. There's a workshop up on the roof where you will be able to put your CROSS cybernetics and AWKCR workbenches if you need them.
• A population management terminal
• a weight bench
• 2 heavy laser turrets and 2 ballistic turrets
• 6 postguard markers
• 1 tier III armor vendor marker so you don't need the perks to recruit The Scribe.
• a lot of love put in the craft

Credits to the ones who inspired me. RangerDave, Cordless, Crowned01, Orody, SarDeliac...