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The settlers at Star Light Drive-in are working hard to make their settlement a major trading hub in the commonwealth. They have built a grand multi-story mall complex with all of the amenities that a trading complex needs..

This blueprint is designed with the high-end system in mind. The settlement budget has been increased by 10x.

Permissions and credits
In addition to the plugins noted in the requirements, the following items are also required:

Creation Club -- Slocum Joe's
Creation Club -- Home Decor
Creation Club -- Modern Furniture
Creation Club -- Nuka Cola Collectors

Google Search required for the following:
  • A.S.I.A. - Sexbots of The Commonwealth [with BoS add-on]
(optional) Used for the Synth Armor stations.
  • Meet FULLY VOICED Insane Ivy 4.0
(optional) Used for the radio tower behind the main building
  • Modern Firearms 2.6.1
  • Modern Armors
  • UNSCPropArmory
(optional) used for the vehicles