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A pre-war style Home Plate player home with a secret military command bunker.

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A pre-war style Home Plate player home.

Features one bedroom and bathroom, large living room with kitchen, library / work area, a spare room, a basement with a Power Armor station ...and a secret military command bunker.

Required DLCs:
  • DLC: Wasteland Workshop
  • DLC: Contraptions Workshop
  • DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop

Required mods:

Highly recommended:



  • Install the blueprint with the FOMOD installer or manually.
  • Scrap everything in Home Plate (including the non-selectable items) except the 2 doors, the ladder/hatch, the workshop and the fusebox. This can be done quickly with Clipboard Resurrection (make sure the "Make All Objects ... Selectable" options are enabled in the mod config) or manually with Place Everywhere (using "Extra object selection" mode).
  • Build the blueprint with Transfer Settlements. Make sure "Import or nuke marker-based items" is selected.
  • The red cubes are placeholders for the position and orientation of the doors, hatch, workshop and fusebox. Copy their position and orientation onto the actual objects (using Place Everywhere or manually with setpos/setangle commands), then scrap the cubes.
  • Raise the hatch by 100 (using Place Everywhere or "modpos z 100" in the console). I lowered the cube's position, otherwise it would be outside the building.
  • Connect the fusebox to the conduit above.
  • For some reason one of the beige doors may end up locked after importing and needs to be unlocked manually via the console ("unlock").
  • The desk lamp in the bedroom may not be powered. Temporarily picking it up in workshop mode should fix it.

FOMOD Installer based on NMM Transfer Settlements Blueprint Installer.