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My Starlight pool party is an unconventional settlement, created more than anything because I never seen a movie theater with a swimming pool.

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First of all; 
I recommend using Starlight Delight (regular projector) to repair the building, and Starlight Screen Repaired to repair the screen. Then you'll need to scrap all junk, exterior and interior, and a few fallen and dry trees. For scraping i use spring cleaning, scrap that and scrap dead things.

About mods in this BP:
In this BP, I'm using the Nexus version of Modular Kitchens, which can now only be found here
I'm using too "Creative Gardens" and "V's stylish decor", which can now be found here: https://damanding.xyz/
and "Better cooking station" here: https://schaken-mods.com
and "CWSS redux" here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3463396?tab=about+me
and "SKK quantum storage" here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28125?tab=files&file_id=158137

I recommend;
To green up the flora the "Springtime Trees", "Spring in the Commonwealth" and "Seasons - Colorful Leaves are Green" mods.

To finalize:
After you import the BP, you are going to need to fill the pool with water too.

I built the Starlight Drive In in VR. But I BP and test it in a regular FO4, should work in VR too.
Check my old video:

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