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Red Rocket Settlement Blueprint, This little desert oasis offers all the amenities a wasteland traveler could need at a rest stop.

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:Essential Mods to the settlement:
Mods in this category are essential to the settlement if you just want the bare bones and decorate/furnish yourself make sure you have these mods.

[All Workshop DLC]
[Transfer settlements]
[Border Junk] Main mod used to building this settlement.
[Not Your Average Neon] most of the neon lights/signs come from this mod.

☢:Highly Recommended but not essential to the Settlement:☢ 
[Settlement Objects Expansion] lots of decorations, lighting, and power sources were used
[Homemaker - Expanded Settlements] Right side wall uses the mods junk fences
[Nuka World Shopper's Paradise] Most of the vendors and all the vendor decorations come from this mod
[Woody's Wasteland Stuff] home decorations, bathrooms, bathtubs and many of the wooden doors on the settlement come from this mod.
[Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture] Furniture with animations

FPS:  There is a performance hit like most Transfer Settlement BPs.your mileage may vary 

These are some of the mods I didn't use much in the settlement and are optional and can be replaced/removed by a mod of your choice. click [Link] to see what they add

☢:Nonessential to the settlement:☢
[Far harbor] only adds 6 items to the settlement.[Link]
[Skyscraper Building Pack] some walls have these placed over them, probably wouldn't notice major differences.[Link]
[Wasteland Imports] I only used this mod for the NCR flags and Sunset Sarsaparilla decoration items.[Link]
[Greebles and Decorations] hanging rags, not essential [Link]
[Farming Resources]Mod spawns many farm animals But it only adds 3 items [Link]
[Eli's Armour Compendium] only adds the armor station [Link]
[Craftable Airplane Parts] The metal roof infront of the red rocket and engine housing. in total 3 items. [Link]
[Food Generators] used a 1 medium and 1 smol food generator. [Link]
[Fallout 4 '' Hecho en Mexico '' DLC] The 2 Cloth walls at Quinn's bar. [Link]
[NorthlandDiggers Resources] Just resource stations to keep settlers busy [Link]
[Gruffydd's Signs and Posters]Just a few signs. [Link]
[Thematic and Practical]mostly some plywood decorations and all the beds in the RR Bunker and some other homes will be missing. [Link]
[Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)]Chances are you already have this mod installed but still. this mod has some workbenches [Link]
[Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC)] Some place mats were used [Link]

Highly Recommended Mods
Dustbowl Overhaul Bring the desert back into the Wasteland! with the custom weather mod it can make some very nice scenery.
[Clean and Simple Settlement Start up]This mod levels out the building area and prescraps items and puts them conveniently next to the work bench, Its not Required in the Transfer settlements BP but I did build the settlement with this mod installed, without it you might get some clipping/
[Place Everywhere]Helpful modding tool

Coming soon to a drive-in theater near you...
★Doug Deathadome's Dimmsdale Deathadome★

::☢☢☢:Future Plans:☢☢☢::
Fix/change tweak the settlement as needed
☢ Add pictures of the settlement in different environments
 Build more Settlements
 Release more of my settlements

/★/Abernathy City\★\

/★/★/Sunshine Tidings Airplane Graveyard\★\★\

/★/★/★/USS Olympia\★\★\★\

(Spectacle Island)

Settlement Features
Walled off secure settlement with guard towers


 -☢-Clothing shop "Road Wares"-☢-


-☢-Dining area-☢-

-☢-Gun Shop-☢-

-☢-Some Roof Crops-☢-

-☢-Food vendors-☢-

-☢-General store-☢-

-☢-Armor store-☢-

-☢-Medical Room-☢-

Don't want to stay here long? Rent a bed for the Night.