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My residential district for Sanctuary Hills that has gotten tremendous feedback and was requested to become a blueprint.

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WORK IN PROGRESS!!! I've never exported a settlement before or even uploaded a mod... so if this does not work please let me know. 

Hey everyone, Viper here and this will be my first mod ever uploaded. kinda... as its not a true mod but uses another mod to make, i am not savvy enough to make a true mod. anyways I love building settlements and have recently created a residential district in sanctuary that has gotten some positive feedback and has been requested to be made a blueprint. So here it is!  recommend scrapping the house right next to the main bridge, the workshop house and if looking at the main characters original home, the house on the left as i have built new buildings in their place. 

the exterior is completely done, minus doors as i wont add a door until there is a settler living there. helps me remember which houses are still available. so if there is a door its because someone lives there in my game. Most Interiors have nothing in them even the lived in houses minus a bed, this is to help with frame rate as its a pretty extensive build compacted into a small space. Mama murphy's and prestons houses are decorated though. 

As i am still building this settlement there is a few other goodies included such as the beginnings of a school and a sheriffs department. there is also a fountain where the old tree was as i wanted to build it while the idea was fresh in my head. 

Hope you guys enjoy!!!!