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This is, as the name implies, a standalone blueprint separate from 'A Simply Thematic Tenpines Bluff'. I just recently updated the aforementioned blueprint to v2. Then I thought what if people don't want 800 items added to their game or JUST WANT AN INTERESTING PLAYER HOME!? Well my friends I got you covered.. AGAIN! (I'm OCD enough for all of us)

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Gruber's Weapon Shop Includes: 3 Beds (One is for Dogmeat), 2 Artisan Crafting Stations (Chemistry > Weapons), 1 Vanilla Armorer's Bench, 1 Vanilla Cooking Stove, a Working Sink.. oh and there's an outhouse xD! Lastly, I can't forget a Weapons Vendor Counter (downstairs) and Your Apartment is right above it! As always, there is Tons of Storage and One More Thing, It's filled with all my love and I'm giving it all.. to you! (I really need sleep) :P


This version adds nearly 500 Pieces to Tenpines Bluff! My only recommendation is to scrap or move the old busted fridge, the "extra" mattress and the Shack Bridge ramp . These are all located by the BUSTED HOUSE in the southern back half of the settlement!

Early Level Players Should Beware The Rad Roaches.. I always forget about them! ;)

If you can not enter the house straight away, this is do to a shrunken windmill that needs to reset it's hit-box by 90%* TCL or Save, Quit Game, Reload! You can also just leave the cell and come back after three in-game day. I love you all! I'm out.. for now o.0


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