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Rebuilt version of the Castle. Fully effective and heavily defended.
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My own version of a full minuteman playthrough fortress. Things are going better this time, stonewalls have been rebuilt and they even brought some steel to the edifice. The settlement workshop capacity has been moderately increased, at least to build what i have planned to. Usually i increase the workshop capacity until the game starts lagging, two and half vanilla's (903 objects to be precise). I don't use anything that messes up with precombines, i build only on vanilla foundations so anyone can download and profit. The Castle is fully functional, it has tons of water, food, beds (one should add some if he's planning to have 30+ settlers though), merchants and of course, plenty of defense. Sadly it has no secret door but it definitely has a lift (for some reasons, all my settlements have one or the other...).

Many requirements aren't mandatory, but all mods i'm using are always useful at some point. AWKCR is always needed for one reason, i build its specific workbench in many settlements. Same story for WATM, i use its workbench to be sure i only recruit far west minutemen to populate the area. Locksmith isn't mandatory at all but i use it to lock doors and containers, it can be really helpful to help defending or just preventing your containers from being robbed by utterly dumb settlers (or even companions). I have no idea about how transfer settlement handles such thing so don't panic if doors are stuck, maybe you need this mod.

Thanks for downloading and feel free to comment if some things are broken or even could be improved.

Light/shader mods i'm using on the screenshots:

Enb PRC (tweaked Hazmat preset), NAC climate overhaul, ELE Fo4 and ultra exterior lightning, Brighter Setllement lights (dim option if i ain't wrong, i never use the bright options) and Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights.

Edit. added the awesome Workshop Decoration Pack as a requirement. I missed this one.