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A rebuilt and slightly redesigned Sanctuary blue print. Added a shopping centre with Weapons, Armour, Clothing and bar/restaurant. Plus a clinic and a small cheap hotel with a general merchant.

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There is a new file available on the file page it is now the new main file. I will leave the old file for those that prefer it. The dependencies are for the new file, for the old file you will need to check in the settlement blueprint manager.  The new file installs on slot 7, the old file on slot 6.

Back in 2075 two brothers Charles and Henry Cavendish moved into the newly built suburb of Sanctuary. They where both resident doctors at Milton General hospital. Their intention was to build a small clinic and reconstructive surgery practice in this delightful and new suburb of Sanctuary. So their dreams of escaping the constrictions of institutional medical establishments and conglomerate drug companies was realized in mid 2076, when the ribbon was cut opening their new clinic. For a while things went well with the practice, and a healthy number of patients signed up to the practice. Then the world turned from one day to the next into a war torn apocalyptic nightmare. the brothers where not on the list, they where refused entry into the local vault. They just made it into the shelter under their neighbours house before the blast hit. Unfortunately the shelter was not built for nuclear fall out so over the weeks after the attack radiation gradually seeped into their shelter. Slowly at first and then with increasing rapidity the brother began to suffer from radiation sickness. They soon ran out of rad-ex and they thought they where going to die, except they did not, they slowly began to recover. Although they still had the scares and disfigurements from the radiation sickness their general health returned to what it had been before, they became what later would be known as ghouls. Later more survivors started to be attracted to the beacon the brothers had built (with Codsworths help). Together they repaired and rebuilt a part of Sanctuary including the clinic, using scavenged materials from the more badly damaged buildings, and that is how the thriving settlement you see before you came to be.

          So to get this mod looking like the screen shots you will need all the mods named in the requirements section, and all the eventual dependencies specified by their Authors. Having said that the clutter mods could be left out you would still get the buildings as long as you do down load all the building mods. You would then need to use your own favourite clutter mod to add ambiance to your settlement, the same would be true of the furniture mods.

To prepare the site you will need to clear every thing in and around the buildings and including the buildings themselves. I have replaced every building in Sanctuary with new custom buildings  or refurbished replacements. I would recommend Squeezebox72's mod, Sanctuary cleaned up, at the following link  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12878 

Then use Scrap Everything all DLC version to get rid of the rest. A settlement border expansion mod would also be handy I recommend this one https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25316/? just copy the link into your browser and check it out there  several options to choose from for either all vanilla and DLC settlements or individual settlements. To get the roads looking the same as in the screen shots you will need Pyskiper's mod ,Sanctuary Cleaner roads, at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12963

I think that's about all that I can tell you at this moment any questions in the comments will be replied to ASAP.

That only leaves me to say Credit to all mods author of the mods used in the blueprint and recommended here, and please don't forget to leave them an endorsement or a kind word or maybe even a contribution if you feel like when you down load their mods.

I have been fiddling around again and have made a new version of this Blueprint. Most of the changes are to existing buildings both inside and out. The main difference is that Muma Murphy's BnB has been moved to the end of the culldesac where the scaffold tower used to be, it has been slightly remodelled to fit the terrain and make Muma Murphy's living quarters slightly bigger. Also the guest accommodation slightly enlarged as well.   

You will now find between the player home and the Clinic a tower with a settlement beacon on top and next to it a recording studio/radio station. It is unfortunately non working in that it cannot broadcast radio programs or record anything. I would like it to be a working radio station with maybe some happiness bonuses attached but that is way beyond my abilities. Should any one feel like giving it a shot be my guest I would love to give credit and add that persons name as co author. The Clinic has also been changed a bit, nothing major just cut the treatment rooms from three to two and slightly rearranged the building and interior. The showers and toilets have been moved to back of the plot across the garden. the market and bar have been left basically the same but there have been some tweaks here and there. The gate house at the bridge the same but also tweaked to make it in my opinion better.

UDATE :- I found a mod called "singing settler" it allows you to place a microphone that can be used by assigning a settler. the settler will then sing at predetermined times and placing speakers around your settlement they can be heard throughout the settlement and it has a happiness boost.
Here is a link to said mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14627