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My version of ChuckYufarley's MOD Home Plate Urban Style

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**UPDATE - With the addition of vehicles (aesthetic only) from The Wasteland Garage, I added a tunnel for exit and entry purely for the immersion.  Also removed the stairs going up to the loft in favor of a jump pad and round door, to match the vault sections PA shop, also added a jump pad there.  Added shelves by the lockers beneath the shooting range.  

*UPDATE - I have fixed the clipping from the floor tiles in the basement.  Also I re-wired the power.  Got rid of a lot of the lighting, added some clutter.  I also added a shooting range, and sealed the containment chamber for the reactor.  Added lighting to the Vault section addition.

You MUST have Home Plate Urban Style´╗┐ besides the other requirements to import this blueprint settlement.  His MOD includes a lower level, I have added to that level by putting a small bunker and home base of operations, PA displays, a Liberty Prime trophy, and other stuff.....

One issue I have had with it, is keeping the wall just behind the vault door downstairs to stay disabled, so you have to scrap the brick wall directly behind the vault door downstairs, there are two doors there, don't delete them =P  I apologize for the horrid wiring job, some of it was the only way I was able to get the wires to connect at certain points.


Home Plate Urban Style
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Custom Concrete Walls with Window Glass´╗┐
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