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A unique Starlight Drive-In build with Roman inspiration. Both a proof of concept in design and actually functions as a settlement too.

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Lachdog's Starlight Roman Villa Transfer Settlement Build

After noticing the lack of ancient era style mods for Fallout 4, I decided to make a Roman inspired Villa as a proof of concept at the settlement of Starlight Drive-In.  With a total 'item count' of 1165, it currently has 15 Water, 21 beds, 26 defence and 100 power. I could have decided to make it more elaborate, but my hardware is not capable enough to both build more and enjoy a stable framerate.

My intention for this build was to build a 'classical' style Settlement with both Fallout 4 assets and mods.
This is the map of the settlement.

Note: Before importing, make sure to scrap the cars, bones and speakers.
Also note that 4 of the 'required plugins' are just some of the crafting benches
  1. Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp
  2. Wasteland Clothing Pack.esp
  3. ArmorKeywords.esm
  4. CROSS_Cybernetics.esp