Fallout 4

About this mod

A Waterworld / Megaton / Something inspired transfer settlement.

Permissions and credits
Looking for some prime free real estate? Want a settlement on the water with stunning views of downtown Boston? Want to pretend your Kevin Costner in search of dry land even though it's just a short (very short) walk away? If so this settlement might be what scratches that itch. 

Located near Fort Strong this settlement was heavily inspired by the Atoll from Waterworld and Fallout 3's Megaton. The main idea being that it was a settlement crafted around an abandoned nuclear reactor.

Setting up this settlement is pretty simple. Simply go to Fort Strong, place your campsite near the buoy floating in the water and import the settlement. You will need to get rid of the buoy because it will be in the way, but you can simply disable it with console commands. If you're not sure how to do that press the ~ key, point your mouse over the object and type disable. It'll still make noise as if it's still there but that's no big deal. If you find that parts of the settlement are outside your settlement and you can't build there, simply dissolve your settlement and move it to the appropriate spot. You won't need to delete the blueprint.

Almost all the mods required are listed in the requirements tab including Transfer Settlements, HUD Framework and Conquest which are essential for this mod to work. I also recommend Place Everywhere if you plan on building or changing anything. This mod also makes use of a couple Creation Club mods, Arcade Cabinets and Home Decor Workshop Pack. However both mods are not required and only were used to add a few items. This mod also doesn't require MCM, but a few of the mods I used for it do.

If you never used Transfer Settlements this video goes into detail explaining everything you need to know. I also recommend downloading the mod manually, especially if you have multiple blueprints so they don't get over written.