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A Player Home in the Commonwealth Bay with a Great View.

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This was a lot of work to finish when it was built. I worked on/off for about a year till I was finally tired of working on it and posted it here. A little more than a year later I wanted to fix any issues that were left undone. So armed with more experience I decided to rebuild it with fewer mods and fix any bugs I'd forgotten. I moved it to a new settlement created by Greekrage and called it East Point Oil Platform. This still seems popular, so I've left it alone but thought I'd add a link to the new updated platform. 

I'm not really a settlement builder but do enjoy building in Fallout 4. I create these builds for my own enjoyment, and there are no plans to update them. Also, this comes as is and works fine on my pc, although other user experiences may vary. I just hope that others can enjoy using this as much as I enjoyed building it.

I finished this last year (2020), so I used Sim Settlements 1 and the City Planners Toolkit ( v4.2.8) addition. I noticed City Planners Toolkit didn't show up in the required mods so just a heads up I guess (link included just in case).

Recommended Mods: (highly recommended)

Workshop Plus (allows flying while in workshop mode among other options and makes moving around this Oil Platform much easier) (just don't forget to shut off the workshop 5 second timer (F5) (from Place Everywhere))

Note: I use Workshop Plus for traveling in Fallout 4 quite a bit and I've built numerous times in this area between Spectacle Island and Fort Strong. So, to get back here after being imported I usually just start the workshop at Spectacle Island, shut off the workshop 5 second timer (F5) (from Place Everywhere), head north and fly to it.

Build High - Expanded Settlements 5.0 (doesn't work with Workshop Anywhere, but offers 200+ floors and expanded boundaries in vanilla settlements) (great for any arial builds like aircraft/spacecraft etc...) (also skyscrapers)

Place Everywhere (of course) (If I could only choose one building mod for Fallout 4, this would be it. :)


* Make sure that you have F4SE, HUD Framework and Transfer Settlements installed.

* Extract the file "Data" and copy, then paste to your Fallout 4 game folder.

* This blueprint uses slot 35. If you would rather it be a different folder, create another folder and number it (1-100) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints. Then add the .json file to the folder.

* The easiest way I've found to add a blueprint is to create a shortcut to the blueprint folder and place it on my desktop. Then when I download a new blueprint I can extract it, copy it, then follow the directions above. Done!


Import the settlement via the Transfer Settlements holotape, detailed instructions on this process can be found on the Transfer Settlements mod page.

Before importing open the console and type TCL (toggle collisions) then Enter. This a precaution because Transfer Settlements will transport you to the Oil Platforms workshop which is about 10 stories above the water. :)

And if using Workshop Plus, you'll still need to be over something solid when finished importing. So, I've included a picture of the flooring right next to the crane that will work for this.

Also, before importing and to ensure the settlement imports correctly always import and export on the STABLE (preset) global setting, not normal. Then always use Marker Based, where it will open the workshop while it's importing or exporting so it simulates you actually building manually.

To import, enable the following options from within the holotape: (picture included)

* [Enable Import original items (not built by the Player)
* [Enable Import DLC items
* [Enable Import mod-added items
* [Enable Import or nuke marker-based items
* [Enable Import wired power connections
* [Enable Restore snapped power connections

Special Note:  If you enjoy building in Fallout 4 and are on Facebook, the best building groups I've found are the Fallout 4 Settlement Building and Fallout 4: Commonwealth Creators groups. They not only include some of the best builders in the Fallout community, but also include builders from all skill levels and can answer any questions you might have about mods, materials, or techniques used for building in Fallout 4.