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A WWI themed blueprint for Abernathy's farm.

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A WWI themed blueprint for Abernathy's farm.

I tried to make the settlement light enough so that your fps wouldn't tank, while also taking advantage of the build capacity provided by All Settlements Extended;  however, do expect some fps loss, particularly when your within the trenches. Additionally, I tried to limit my use of assets from other mods for everyone's .esp limit sake—but at a cost of detail. And to mention, the two rear Howitzers help your settler(s) keep from leaving the unit when the settlement is undersiege.
There are only three absolute requirements: All Settlements Extended, Sandbag Fortifications, and Workshop Rearranged. The rest aren't hard requirements and are only used for their assets to add detail to the settlement. Be warned, should you omit Horizon (I may be wrong about horizon) or Homemaker, you will have to replace most of the lighting (lanterns).