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An abandoned warehouse exposed to the elements and overgrowth. Built with a touch of realism.

Permissions and credits
The purpose behind Warehouse is to capture simple realism and a standing relic of prewar life. The stillness and loneliness of the property is quite moving. The facility and surrounding grounds portray that not all destinations of the post-apocalyptic world are occupied or deadly... some are just forgotten. 

Thank you Ghost Rider250 for the fantastic video!

Location: Spectacle Island 

Features Include: 
  • 2 Main Storage Spaces (one clean, one consumed with awesome foliage). 
  • Front Office 
  • Management Office (2nd floor)
  • Misc. Room
  • Storage Dock
  • Private Dumpster (so much lore)
  • Drive Way 
  • Surrounding Structures (pipes, small office building) 

Installation Instructions:
Download Transfer Settlements, download Warehouse, use TS to import settlement. You may want to clear any existing content you built before importing or installing the first required mod which will terraform the island to a flat surface.  

Required DLC: 
- Contraptions 
- Far Harbor
- Vault Tec
- Wasteland Workshop

Required Mods: 
  1. Spectacle Island Flattened - You'll want this to flatten the ground. Very Important! 
  2. Snappy HouseKit - It's what I used to build... everything pretty much!
  3. Snappy DLC kits - This mod requires Far Harbor.
  4. JCW Builder - It's just concrete, great textures. 
  5. NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - For that glorious foliage. 
  6. Just Debris - Craftable Decoration - Just... debris, and lots of it. 
  7. Workshop Request Time - Look for the one for Greekrage, a request for bridges, you'll need that for the streets. 
  8. Functional Objects Overhaul - More decor pieces such as the milling machines. You won't find those anywhere else, craft armor with em' too! 
  9. Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - Various build/decor assets.
  10. Greebles and Decorations - AC ducts, vents, pipes... 
  11. Vanilla Extensions - You should have this mod already or you're missing out. 
  12. Vanilla Barn Additions - Various tattered roof pieces. 
  13. Stairs Ladders Ramps - For the metal rafters. 
  14. Pipe Galore - Pipes and all of its glory!
  15. Woody's Wasteland Stuff - Water tower and pipe work.
  16. CREAtive Clutter - Clutter that is creative. 
  17. Old World's Containers and Decoration - Just decor such as crates, pallets and containers. 
  18. Business Settlements 1.9 (Standalone) - Signs. 
  19. Signs of the Times - Shops - Other signs. 
  20. Gruffydd's Signs and Posters - more signs. 
  21. Warehouse Shelves for components and ammo - It is a warehouse after all (shelves and supply).