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The Slog, city version

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Did you hear about that farm runs by ghouls?

Everyone knows the Slog now, that little bluish pool run by ghouls and producing tarberry. And everyone listened to Wiseman's story of how they found this place after being kick out of Diamond city by macdonuts and start growing tarberries.
Well, they did found the place  somehow, but what he forgot to mentionned was the fact that the place wasnt empty: there were actualy some people living here, in metal shacks around an irradiated pool. They welcomed the ghouls, the wasteland taking is toll everyday, be it food, water or lives, so more peaceful people to run the place was a benediction. Especially when among those people some of them have usefull knowledge about mechanics and hydrology. It didnt take long to convince everyone to clean that pool and use it to grow what will become the most rare and finest fruit in all the commonwealth: eatable tarberry.
You know what happened next, a stranger in a blue suit arrived with a dog etc...

I forgot to screen the 1st pop up after the completion of the export sorry.

I'm using version of TS 1.44. If this is causing any issue i can upload a new file in the lastest version.

Check requierement tab for links.

About the settlement:
  1. It went slightly bigger than i exepted, well much more bigger then i exepted, and i end up losing at least half of my fps... yeah. I have a low end PC, im using this texture pack  which help a lot and a bunch of fps boost mods, i still drop from 60 to 30ish fps.
  2. I try to keep a metalic theme with pipes, vents, industrial stuff and smoke all around the place. I didnt planed all the neons but im quite happy with the result they insert well it the settlement.
  3. I didnt put screen shot of all the interiors, there are already too much, and they all looks similar in the end, exept for the 4 inside the market which i let you discover.
  4. Most of the interiors light are from the configurable bulb, i set it on yellow to give an oldish look, but you can change it to whatever you want. However, some of the other lights are from SOE, and are also yellow, you will have to deal with it. I might upload a version with white light if several people ask for it.
  5. There is a teleportation mat on the road at the edge of the green border, to make like you warrive from the road when porting here. If it bothers you scrap it or move it inside.
  6. I hope nobody will crash because of the amount of wires... again if this happens i can simplify the schema. But it will lose all the interest, my attempt was to recreate the feeling of overencumbered electrical pole you can see in some artwork (or even in real life actualy).
  7. A good amount of the vanilla building was replaced. it's the 2 walls beside the door entrance and the whole part at the opposite (on the market side), the dark floor in the central room (to match the outside) and the windowed roof. I scrapped all the clutter inside exept the bathroom stall on the left (when you face the pool) and the wall pictures.
  8. DO NOT SCRAP the existing construction light inside the building, you will end with floating lense...

1/ Better using a cleaning mod to remove all the trash piles and other clutter than will clip through the added objects.
2/ Wire lines are saved in the file.
3/ Im using this mod to have the construction light unwired.
4/ As usual, settlers (especially the unique ones) will do crap, sink into the floor to use whatever invisible marker bethesda put there...

I guess it's all, if you have any comment or suggestion, feel free to post.

Hope you'll like it!


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