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Techno-yurt community living at Greentop Nursery.

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This construction is directly inspired by a drawing from the artbook picturing a techno-yurt (see images). I didnt saw anything building like this before, while i find it fits very well in the world, with a little stawars-ish look too. The artwork is just about the yurt so i furnished a little all around. At first i wanted it at sunshine tidings, with the 3 surrondings fields it would have looked awsome, but the place was way to small, so maybe for a smaller version. So it ended here, in greentop Nursery, who appeaers to also have a field and the space for the building. It's a lone and functional techno-yurt, acting like an outside home-vault for a little community of farmer/trader. While not being walled like a fortress, it still has good defense and traveling merchant often stop by the place to resupply and trade.

- Merchants mats are invisibles markers: weapon is in the guard room inside the techno-yurt behing the desk, doctor is facing the microscope in the clinic room, food one is behind the bar in the middle floor and general one is under the cash register by the tent side.
- Guards mat are scattered all around the place, to simulate a guard tour (sort of).

I will do what i can to provide support if you have any issue with my blueprints, but please be sure to have read and done everything adviced on the Transfert Settlement mod page before. Be also sure to have check your load order.
Here you can find Trasnfer Settlement mod page.

Check requirement tab for links.

1/ Scrap everything in the santuary-like house, and the house itself (and NOT the greenhouse!), and do the same for the ugly construct beside plus all the junk all around.
Console delete (disable+markfordelete) the truck, the bbq which are at the border of the settlement and are not selectable, and the big advertisment panel if like you think it block the view.
Leave everything else in place. Do not scrap the chemistry station, the cooking station and the (obviously) the workshop itself!
2/ Wire lines are exported in the file.
3/ Marker based items are also exported in the file.
4/ Settlers will likely be unable to find their way, as usual...

Hope you'll like it!


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