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A simple Sanctuary blueprint featuring log homes, a nice Minutemen HQ, and all the stores. There's even a Slocum's Joe.

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So I decided I wanted a simple Sanctuary build, nothing too complex or complicated. This blueprint has wooden fortification walls around the outside of the settlement with vanilla Heavy Machinegun turrets for defense. It has a simple lighting and power setup that can easily be replaced if you wish. It features identical log homes for your settlers, A very nice player log home with all the workbenches you could ever need, and has every level 3 store. There's even a Slocum's Joe if you have that CC content. There's a stylish Minutemen HQ with assignable furniture (I use it to keep the Concord group out of my hair) and two artillery pieces placed near the waterfront with a storage shed packed with artillery shells (meant to be used with Simple Artillery Strikes and 155mm Howitzer M1 mods)

For installation instructions see the readme file or go to the Transfer Settlements mod page. Manual installation is extremely recommended!

Please read this page Import: as stable as possible for the best import options, especially if you are having troubles or have any questions/concerns.

The blueprint (for the most part) covers the vanilla settlement limits with the exception of some lights on the bridge and some items near the Minutemen Monument. So a settlement expansion mod like Build High or All Settlements Extended is an optional suggestion.

You will need to scrap all of the houses and decor in the settlement limits. Or you can use a mod that makes Sanctuary empty if you want or you can use the Scrap All command with certain Scrap mods (though Scrapall is not recommended) You will need the Sanctuary road and sidewalks though I suppose they aren't 'strictly' required. You will need to scrap all of the hedges and all of the trees within the vanilla settlement limits.

Notes on this Blueprint: Codsworth will clip through the floor of your garage until you complete the quest "When Freedom Calls." The building opposite the Player Home is supposed to be a Slocum's Joe. However, if you don't have the Coffee and Donuts CC content then it will be an empty building. If you use the Lemon Powered Fusion Core Recharger and Wireless Generator (in the required mods) then during the power-up phase the generator will pop up with a message and open its inventory. Both need to be closed. If you have grass sticking through floors then you might want to check out a grass removal mod such as Better Landscape Grass or Twigs and Large Grasses Removed. Note that the grandfather clocks in this blueprint from HZY - furniture and decoration rely on textures from Snap' n Build 2.0, otherwise they will have purple-tinted glass.

Recommended/seen in screenshot mods: PreWarSanctuary Bridge, Pre-Apocalyptic Roads and Sidewalks for Sanctuary, Sanctuary - Reworked Roads.