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Japanese-style house in Tenpines Bluff

Permissions and credits
The building is in the style of Japanese architecture in Tenpines Bluff.
In fact, it's not really appropriate, but I've done my best to disguise it with decorations and building materials.
The main purpose of this building is not to be used as a residence, but rather for people to visit and enjoy the scenery for a short time.
If you want to live in it, please decorate it as you like.

Advance preparation
Tato fields will be filled after input, so please remove them beforehand after the introduction of Clean And Simple - Ten Pines Bluff Startup.

What is the meaning of "KachoFugetsu(花鳥風月)"?
The words "wind(風=fu/kaze)" and "moon(月=getsu/tsuki)" are used to symbolize scenery, 
and by combining them with the words "flower(花=ka/hana)" and "bird(鳥=cho/tori)",
which exist in the scenery and are used as subjects for poetry and paintings, 
it emphasizes the beauty of natural things and scenery, and the beauty of creative activities based on nature.
Roughly speaking, it's a Japanese Four character idiom for "enjoying natural landscape"
I hope you will enjoy it.

The Invisible Light (the cross-shaped light effect) will probably appear after you enter the program.
It will disappear once you enter the workshop mode.

Due to the nature of Transfer Settlements, some parts may be missing during the input process.
If there is an obvious missing part, try retyping it.

The reason for the lack of turrets is also the difficulty in harmonizing with the buildings.
Please install a new turret or eliminate the enemy with your ability.

Sometimes NPCs will be buried under the temple bell next to the doghouse.
Please disregard this as the voice of the dead.

The power armor in the power armor station is for decoration only.
Please remove it and use it.

If you want to create hot water in an open-air bath, you can reduce the size of the SOE waterfall effect and install it to create an atmosphere.
This is an item that cannot be output in Transfer Settlements, so please try decorating it as an option.

Thank you to the mod developers and to those who viewed it!

手直しする場合は建築用にFaster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix)を導入して下さい。
入力後はInvisible Lightのマーカーが出ていますが、ワークショップモード起動して終了すれば消えます。
建築にあたって建築エリア境界線を撤廃して作っています。Remove Settlement Limitations
差分ファイルとしてAWARHERO's Japanese Decor Packを用意して、要求modに追加して入力出来るOrigin版もあります。