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This is my blueprint that I made for my newest character, using the mod from RebornASloth that converts the Cambridge Diner into a player home.

I exported the blueprint to use slot 1

Note: During consturction I used Place Everywhere to move the workbench into the panty then used console to shrink it to .5 scaling.

Permissions and credits
Transfer Settlement Blueprint for the Cambridge Diner Home.

Required to Import:
Fallout 4  (obviously)
Wasteland Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop
Contraptions Workshop

Required Mods:
Trasfer Settlements (also obvious)
Cambridge Diner Player Home by RebornASloth
 Required or you won't have the settlement at all.
Do It Yourshelf by dinozauruz
Required for the Shelves and displayed food and such.
Thematic and Practical by 5like
Required for the BoS doors that I used between rooms
Fusebox Generator by Draco856
Used these for powering the place
Modular Kitchen by Evanpox
Required for the entire kitchen
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX by Elianora
Required for Bobblehead Shelf
Femsheppings Minimalist Housewares by femshepping
Some of the decorations around the place
Just some Rugs by Friffy
Used this to build a carpet in the main room
Homemaker- Expaned Settlements by NovaCoru
Don't remember exactly what I used from here
Compact Crafting by fadingsignal
Used for the compact power armor station
Housekeeping- Scavenging Deluxe by robboten
I used this to get the trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom
Craftable Display Shelves by Elianora
Used for the Robot model and Nuka display shelves
CWSS Redux by steve40 and Flipdeezy
Required for the toilet and bathroom sink
CREAtive Clutter by dinozauruz, Evanpox, MsRae, DAmanding, Mimaef, FrogprincessQ4 and Sarinia
Used for some of the bits of clutter around the place, and the mini Armor and Weapon workbenches
Art Connoisseur System by Zoran
Required framework for the paintings I used
Atom Bomb Pinups by Zoran
Used for some of the paintings around the place
The Luis Royo Collection by Wolfmod
Used for some of the paintings around the place
Cigarette In Mouth by m150
I put a cigarette roller near the kitchen, it won't be there without this mod
AWKCR by Gambit77, Valdacil, AndrewCX and Thirdstorm
I put one of the armorsmith workbenches near the door
Immersive Fast Travel by Cole Robinette
I built one of the teleporters in the back corner, this does block the secondary door to the cell
Functional Displays by secretagent99
Used the magazine racks from this
Weapon Rack Extended by cpdark
I put a few of these around the walls
Looks Mirror by Expired6078
I put the mirror from this mod in the bathroom
Workshop Rearranged by d81
Don't remember what I used from this, maybe some furniture

Recommended But not Required
Bob Ross Happy Little Paintings by Jomla97
Not actually required, but it does make a couple of the paintings look nicer by replacing them entirely

Clean Pre-War Workshop Benches by Crimsomrider
Also not required, but I do like how it makes the crafting benches look

This is my first time uploading anything to the site, tell me what you guys think.