Fallout 4

About this mod

Adds several vault exits with an actual vault gear door for all sectors in Vault 88. Compatible with Mayaterrors Vaullt 88 blueprint.

Permissions and credits
WARNING! Read the description and the requirements before downloading this blueprint! This blueprint is not a "fire and forget" solution! You will have to do a bit of work yourself but this blueprint will save you literally hours of work. This mod is not intended for beginner modders! Altering your Vault 88 cell cannot be undone by any mod or Transfer Settlement!


One of the more unimmersive fact, if you so will, about Vaullt 88 is that no matter how cool your vault is, it will never have the feeling of a proper completed vault when two exits are just 4 tunnels barely big enough to walk through. You never have the massive cool Vault Gear doors that shield your home against snooping invaders but at best the small Fallout 1 Vault Doors.
With the help of a few mods and a bit of cleanup this blueprint tries to give you proper vault exits with Proper Vault Gear Doors, immersive 'fronts' that hide your vault and designed to be compatible with Mayaterrors Vault 88 Blueprint.
Instead of having to build a vault for literally days you can have your own Vault 88 as if it was actually completed in about an hour of work (depending on how interested in details and how fast you are).


- Of the 5 additional Exits (East sector doesn't actually have a real exit but just a cave) in Vault 88, 4 do now have actual Vault Gear Doors integrated.
- East Sector: Combined the two Exits of Mayaterrors Blueprint into just one Room that leads to the Pump Station.
- East Sector: The Caves in the East Sector have a proper Vault Entrance. Outside is an recreational area (Camp Fire) and two Green houses integrated into the cave. Any molerats will be automatically killed by turrets.
- North East Sector Emergency Exit: Mayaterrors Blueprint straight up blocks one of the entrances in the north east because there are residential rooms at the location. This blueprint adds a "Emergency Exit" with a small Vault Door. This Exit is guarded by multiple Turrets and intended to only be used in Emergencies. You can only get through from the inside (in normal gameplay).
- North East Sector Exit: The North East Exit of Mayaterrors Blueprint is "replaced" (you need to clean that up like all the entrances. More on that later.) with a proper Vault Exit.
- North East Shop: The Shop with its cellar is now designed to be a secure 'front' for your Vault. The Entrances are secured behind Keycard Locks and also disguised with hidden Doors. With a proper AI (Sorry can't help you there) your Vault Dwellers would pretend to be Shop Keepers and trade with the outside world that way without anyone knowing what lies beneath.
- North Sector: Both Exits have Proper Vault Gear Doors. It has to be noted that due to heavy occlusion problems the design freedom was limited. But now the secondary atrium of Mayaterrors Blueprint is not just simply a tiny vault door but a proper exit.
- North Sector Abandoned Train Station: The train Station in the northern Sector now houses the bar called "The Final Station". While looking like a social hub and market place at first glance a more curious person will soon notice some oddly secure entrances to wherever.

The Cleaning Issue

As you can probably imagine the Vault Gear Door Room is a rather large object. There was literally no way I could fit the thing onto the small dug holes without clipping through the floor and walls. It was clear from the beginning that I could not create a blueprint that would respect the boundaries of the Vault 88 Cell.
But thanks to Place Everywhere and Spring Cleaning I wouldn't have to. While I can't say anything about the risk towards stability and performance, I personally never experienced any issues with removing objects from the original cell of a settlement.
So this is what you need to do. Save often and clean up.
To make the process a bit easier I have added attention arrows (Marquee Arrows in the air) to the blue print. Not all of them require you to do something. Some of them just point to the Auto Door Objects in case they didn't attach themselves correctly.
The Blueprint is designed to be forgiving if you go apeshit and scrap everything but the best way in general is move > remove (unless instructed otherwise). The process of cleaning up also gives you the opportunity to decide how much dirt you still want to have in you bunker (I recommend leaving the actual tunnels intact to avoid occlusion issues). Add your own bit of creativity to the mix to make the result unique.

Necessary mods -> Requirements

Blueprints like the one from Mayaterror don't use any mods. To give myself a bit more flexibility I broke that rule. The good thing about blueprints is that they give you the flexibility to choose which mods you want to use yourself. I tried to make as much necessary items from vanilla assets. Only having the required mods will not completely break the blueprint for you it just might look a bit odd. Since you have to polish your vault anyway it shouldn't be a big problem.
Please have a look at the requirement section. The comments will tell you what effect it will have if you don't use a particular mod.

Only having the minimum required mods will still give you all of the structures, it will just look a bit empty.


This mod is not intended for beginners. Any issues with Nexus Mod Manager or regarding the Import Process are not something you should ask in the comments section of this mod.

Otherwise, If you have questions or suggestions for improvements feel free to add a comment. I will not fix any small hole where you managed to find a white space spot because you scrapped to much. Save often!