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I turned the Red Rocket Station outside of Sanctuary into a full on minutemen military base that lore wise, filters travelers between the commonwealth and Sanctuary.

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So here I am with yet another transfer settlements blueprint! This time, I took the Red Rocket Station just outside Sanctuary, and turned it into a full minutemen military base. It uses Sim Settlements Conqueror with the minutemen faction, though you should also consider spawning in a few normal settlers to work certain items like a sim settlements industrial and commercial plot and a surgery center. I do recommend scrapping everything you can in red rocket, including plants and of course the molerat holes. That's where Scrap Everything really shines.

I approached this as a full on military checkpoint. A guard house at the gate towards sanctuary has a functioning radiation cleaner, and generally looks like a checkpoint to filter travelers to and from sanctuary. I use some pretty OP'ed turrets to give this base a high defense, but I tend to like high defense mods.