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A Neat Modern Comfortable Secure and Unabbreviated Spectacle Island.
A complete settlement with 4690 objects, including Workbenches, Shops, a Rampart, 104 Trees...

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the Neat Modern Comfortable Secure and Unabbreviated Spectacle Island settlement!
It is also a Farm, a Market, a Fortress and a Holiday Resort.

It is made of 4690 elements and features:

- Plenty of various Crops
- 36 Water
- 120 Electricity *
- 347 defense **
- 25 Beds
- A rampart with walkway
- A technical building with the 5 main Stations plus Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Ammunition, Explosives Workbenches and a Junk Scrapper.
- The 6 Shops (3rd level)
- A house
- A pool
- A Radio Beacon
- Two Terminals
- A Decontamination Arch
- Two Clocks
- A Bell
- Attack Spawn Points marked (the 4 red smoke)
- Plenty of Seats
- Cat and Dog cages
- 3 Doghouses / 4 Cat bowls
- A Brahmin Feed Trough with water
- 104 Trees

* The electric grid is underground. The wires are in pillars, in walls, etc.... All turrets and street lights have they own connector.
** The wall is placed in relation to the 4 vanilla attack spawn points.
- Saving the game after the installation of the blueprint can take from 1 second to 20 minutes. Be patient, it is not a freeze!

What is needed:

- Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints. The blueprints maker.
   - Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE). Needed by Transfer Settlements.
   - HUDFramework. Needed by Transfer Settlements.

Game DLC:
- Wasteland Workshop (DLCWorkshop01.esm): Street Lights/Oil Lamp Posts/Generator-Fusion/Decontamination Arch/Garden Plots/Some Lights, Cages, etc..
- Vault-Tec Workshop (DLCWorkshop03.esm): Some Furniture.
- Far Harbor (DLCCoast.esm): A Fish Basket.

Required mods:
- Alternate Settlements v1.2 and above. Most of the Grounds, Walls, Pillars and Rails. This is the required SKE version. *
   - Settlement Keywords Expanded SKE. Needed by Alternate Settlements.
- Settlement Objects Expansion SOE v1.6.8 and above. Some Walls, Grounds, Rails and many fine things like Lamps, Light sources, Water tiles, Decorative Plants, FX, etc...
- CREAtive Clutter v14+ (Bethesda.net) or CREAtive Clutter 2.0+ (info on Nexus). The bulk of furniture (including the beds), decorations and two cluttered Workbenches. Without that mod, the house would be 2/3 empty. Also, furniture and most clutter outside; in the Bar and other 'recreational areas'; come from it.
   - Settlement Menu Manager v0.1.4+. Needed by CREAtive Clutter.
Homemaker v1.55.1+. Many Trees/Farm Plots/Guard Posts/Terminal/Trunk/Wall Safe/Potted Plants/some Walls, etc...
Northland Diggers v1.4+. Decorative Plants, some Grass, some Trees, some Benches.
PCPO - Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul SKE v2.0+. Most of the connectors. The SKE version is required.**
   - (Reminder) Settlement Keywords Expanded SKE. Needed by PCPO.
Simply Modular Housing v0.06+. The alternative Pillars. Number of wooden Beams and small Pillars on the upper floors.
   - Optional for Simply Modular Housing: SMH Retextures v0.2+. Textures are darker. No esp, just texture files. It is better (IMO).
Renovated Furniture v5.1+. Chairs/Couches/Stools/Doors/Dressers/Cabinets.
Renovated Decorations v3.6+. Rugs and Curtains.
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) v8.5+. Armorsmith/Weaponsmith/Ammunition/Explosives Workbenches.
Better Vendor Stalls v3.2+. Trading, Armor, Weapons and Clothing Emporiums.
Immersive Vendors v3.0+. Some Shops. Without that mod, some shops would be the vanilla ones.
Woody's Wasteland Stuff v4+. Aquarium/Bird cage.
Settlement Supplies Expanded v3.9+. A Small Power Armor Station/Some Furniture/Doors. The SKE version is required.
The Cabin in the Woods v1.8+. The Paintings.
Living Interior v0.91+. Cart/Basket.
Commonwealth Conifers Redux v1.4.5 (exclusively). Indispensable for having living trees. If there were to be a newer version, it would be best to keep
v1.4.5 (because of FormID changes).
   - Vivid Fallout - Trees. No esp, just retextures for some vanilla dead trees, making them leafy. It is optional but a few trees will be dead if it is not installed.
Workshop Junk Grinder v1.01+. Splits scrappable items into their components. Useful if you pay for this settlement (See the chapter "Legit or cheat").

* If the non-SKE version of Alternate Settlements is installed in your game and you want to install the SKE version, you should know that risks breaking the Workshop Menu (for AS).
So, you may have to go back to a previous savegame. Or try to repair the Menu with Workshop Menu Missing Tabs Fix.
** PCPO - Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul: I could replace the non-SKE version with the SKE's OK, but you should verify the Menu carefully if you do.

Important mods for settlement management:
Scrap Everything. You'll need that mod or equivalent if you want to clean the place before installing this blueprint to collect resources, e.g. to pay for this settlement (See the chapter "Legit or cheat").
Place Everywhere. An absolute must if you need to manipulate objects.
- All Settlements Building Area Expanded: In Miscellaneous files.
If you want to scrap things outside of the settlement borders before installing the esp of this blueprint, you will need it (or a similar mod).
The Building Area is expanded for all 29 exterior Commonwealth settlements to x, y: 35000 and z: 10000, which is about equivalent to the range of the settlement radio signal or the distance between the Starlight Drive-in and the museum in Concord.
No direct relation with this blueprint but recommended for its unique functionalities:
Settlement Management Software. A must have mod to do what the title says.

This blueprint comes with a plugin (esp file).
It is an essential element that takes care of everything that should be done to prepare the ground before installing the blueprint.
If you remove this esp later, the Spectacle Island "worldspace" would recover it's vanilla state after you 'nuke' the settlement.

- Removes many thing within the settlement limits:
The house, the building with the stations, furniture, containers, dead trees, trash, debris, stains, shrubs, puddles, etc...
The blueprint places an underground line that connects the boat generator to the main grid to the north of the island, so you can scrap
the original line if you want.
The dead trees on the island are also removed except those part of the electric line between the boat and the central shack with the sound system. The blueprint places living trees instead.

But, as the plugin cannot remove some of the trees placed by Commonwealth Conifers, you should scrap all those that are standing in and around the settlement before installing the blueprint.

What is left: The two "Port" buildings and their content, the three shacks and their content plus what is outside of the rampart.

If you want to spend resources for the building of the settlement (see the chapter "Legit or cheat"), you might want to scrap all things yourself. You must do it before installing the esp file.

Screenshots of the empty grounds ready for the blueprint are in Miscellaneous files.

- Increases the Building Area to x, y: 40000/z: 10000
Not very useful for this settlement.
In Workshop mode, you can go to the various wrecks and rafts or to The Castle.

- Doubles the Sandbox Area size.
- Removes the Grass so it doesn't show through the ground tiles.
- Changes the ground height in places.
- Puts Water in the Brahmin Feed Trough.

- Removes the radioactivity near the wrecked barge with containers.

The esp does not move the Workbench, so it is up to you to place it inside the 'technical building'.
It is more practical to do it after the esp installation and before the blueprint's.
Open the console, click on the Workbench and enter the following coordinates:
They are present in the printable text file in Miscellaneous files.
setpos x 69461.45
setpos y -57973.89
setpos z 924.65
setangle z 184.3
setangle z 184.3

Enter the last coordinate twice to remove the tremor (use the Up arrow to call the latest command).

Another solution would be to use the mod Move that Workbench!

Some sounds can be annoying and there is a Radgull in my settlements whose cry can be bothersome so, in Miscellaneous files there is a mod with various silenced objects.
With a manual install, you can pick and choose:

data\sound\fx\npc : removes the 'voice' of Radgulls and Brahmins (not other sounds).
data\sound\fx\Dlc02 : removes the sound of the Generator-Fusion.
data\sound\fx\amb\exteriors: removes the metal agony sound in Hangman's Alley (and other places but not those in some houses in Sanctuary and other
data\sound\fx\amb\interiors: greatly diminishes the deafening rumbling in some interiors (not other ambient sounds) (Home Plate, Prydwen, Caves, Subway,
     Tunnels, Vaults and Generics).
data\sound\fx\ui: - Pipboy : removes the hum and changes the light On/Off sound to discrete.
                                - Terminals : removes the hum.
                                - Workbench : removes the sewing sound that sometimes stays with a settler (i.e. in County Crossing).


You must install the esp file after you take control of the settlement.

- If you choose to pay the settlement with components:
1/ Take control of it
2/ Scrap things
3/ Install the esp
4/ Move the Workbench
5/ Install the blueprint

- If you don't need the components (wastrel!), just skip the scrapping (faineant!).

- The plugin can be installed with Mod Organizer, NMM or Vortex.
To install it manually:
Copy the esp file in the \Data directory of the game.

- The blueprint must be copied manually to:
MO: Copy the blueprint .json file in ...\Mod Organizer\mods\TransferSettlements\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\1 to 50
NMM: Copy the blueprint .json file in ...\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\1 to 50
Vortex: It should be similar to MO with a different path. See where it placed the install of Transfer Settlements or maybe the one of F4SE.

- All Settlements Building Area Expanded can be installed with a mod manager.
To install it manually:
Copy the esp file in the \Data directory of the game.

- Silent Radgull-Brahmin-Rumbling-Generator-Sewing-Hangman's-Pipboy-Terminal can be installed with a mod manager.
You can also install manually only the sounds you want removed to:
MO: ...\Mod Organizer\mods\'a name'\data\sound\fx\
NMM: ...\data\sound\fx\
Vortex: Should be similar to MO with a different path.

Transfer Settlements settings

The following details are in the text file in Miscellaneous files.

Options to be activated:
- Import DLC items
- Import mod-added items
- Import or nuke marker-based items   ***Important*** This must be activated by you.
- Import wired connections
- Restore snapped power connections

It takes this blueprint around 25/35 minutes without/with animations to install.

When it is done, you should go elsewhere by using the console command coc, e.g. "coc sanctuarybasementjahani" (very small cell) or "coc sanctuaryext" or any place far away and save there (or fast travel, of course). It is to avoid an always possible CTD while traveling.
It takes sometimes 5-10 minutes to save, so be patient, it is not freezing. Some other times, it is instantaneous.

Here is what the author, CDante and a player say about that:
- CDante: your savegame is big, you’re using a lot of mods and the import changes a lot in your savegame within a very small amount of time.
It’s not a freeze, the save procedure takes a couple of minutes after an import.
- A player: Depending on how big your savegame is, and how big the imported settlement is, it can take more than a few minutes.
I've seen instances where it took up to 20-30 minutes. Be patient. Save and wait.

Probably related to the above is the unusual long time it may (or generally may not) take to load the new location when you 'coc' out of the settlement.
By putting the game in the task bar (Alt-Tab), the loading takes place much faster.

About Commonwealth Conifers and trees (basically, that mod invited itself in my blueprints...).

It must be installed if you want to have living trees in and around the settlement. Version 1.4.5 is necessary for having the right trees.
It brings fine leafy trees, but the placement of quite a few conifers in particular, can be far from ideal.
They can grow through the thick highway tarmac, through houses grounds and walls, they can hide everything inside a shack, etc...
Also, many trees are placed mostly underground which blocks the view too much and there are exceedingly dense clusters in many places.
Not to mention the pesky little saplings trios...

So, you should not be shy to use the 'disable' console command to remove those trees in the world (outside of Workshop areas), that are unaesthetic or impractical.

How to: Open the console, click on the tree and enter 'disable'.
If you remove something else inadvertently (mist, the wrong tree, the highway...), keep the RefID displayed (don't click elsewhere) and enter 'enable'.
Tip: To select an object that is behind another, use the mouse wheel.

Better Console is very useful to learn which object you select for total destruction.

About the screenshots
The screenshots show slightly different trees than the ones in the blueprint. Those that are installed are better (Commonwealth Conifers from v1.3 to v1.4.5).
There is also more lights in the blueprint compared to the screenshots and the house is slightly better furnished.

Here are some of the mods bringing 'visuals' in the screenshots:
- ENB + Reshade presets "GrimWolf Institute ASD". Brings the pixel crispiness, the contrast and the fine colors, especially at dawn and dusk.
- HD texture pack DLC
- Enhanced Lights and FX
- Radiant Clouds and Fogs
- Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars
- More Grass (height +75%)

Legit or cheat

About avoidable and unavoidable cheats brought by the blueprint:
The following info is in the printable text file in Miscellaneous files.

Here are the things that are built by the blueprint and are active no matter what, making them unavoidable cheats (if you don't have the perks):
- Advanced Water Purifiers (30 water) need Science 1.
- Advanced Turrets need Science 3.
- Advanced Generators (100 electricity) need Science 4.

- White picket fences need the magazine Picket Fences found in Beantown Brewery to be built.
But as the ones I used come from Northland Diggers, they are not subject to that prerequisite.
Why am I saying that? To show you how much of a dodger you already are and to prepare you for:

The cheats you can avoid:
- Third level shops need CHA 6 / Local Leader 2 / Cap Collector 2, plus Medic 1 for the clinic.

- Armor bench: Local Leader 2
- Weapon bench: Local Leader 2
- Chemistry bench: Local Leader 2
- Cooking bench: Local Leader 2
- PA bench: Local Leader 2/Armorer 1
- Ammunition bench: Gun Nuts 1
- Weaponsmith bench: Gun Nuts 1/Blacksmith 1
- Armorsmith bench: Armorer 1
- Explosives bench: Demolition Expert 1

It would be a huge cheat to use them at all until you get the perks.
Except for the level 3 Shops where the level 1 Shop perk is the right compromise: CHA 6/Local Leader 2 plus Medic 1 for the clinic.
Matter of discipline!

The Decontamination Arch is free to use (bizarrely).

I could build the shops around level 35-50 and all special objects at level 50-65 without jeopardizing offensive, defensive and practical capabilities (to give you a vague idea).

-- The biggest undue advantage of a settlement blueprint is the settlement itself (yep!).

Much materials were used to build the NMCSU settlements, so if you pay for them, the gathering of components would be one of the major quests
of the game.
If you are a looter dans l'âme, these blueprints give you a good reason to hoard objects as, if you install all of them, you would have to gather ~200.000 caps, ~170.000 wood, ~68.000 steel, ~42.000 concrete, ~11.000 copper, etc...
There is a text file in Misc with the total amount of components needed for the 18 NMCSU settlements.
The gathering kept me busy up to level ~90.

Installing this blueprint without spending the components would be a cheat of biblical proportions!
So, in order to keep some hope for a place in purgatory and as I can't script the payment to make it like a quest, you should envisage to enter the following lines in the console to remove the components from your inventory.

But it takes much time to gather them, that is why, in order to enjoy the settlements from the start, one should build them on credit, the important thing being to pay for them eventually.

In order to remove the components, you need to have them in your inventory (not as part of items).
A Junk Grinder (old washing machine) is available in each settlement for scrapping Junk objects and Shipments.

The following list and the total amount of components for the 18 settlements are in the text files in Miscellaneous files.

Use the Up Arrow key to recall the last command line:

As Dirty Water is difficult to find, I have decided without consultations that the water tiles will now cost mostly Purified Water and less Dirty Water.
NMCSU settlements produce much Purified Water, so the high price (1050) compensates for not having to pay much Dirty Water and renders useful the stock of Purified Water that piles up quickly.

You might want to merge the content of all Workshops into a single one for practical reasons: Global Workshop or SKK Quantum global workshop Storage.
As the game does not allow to view what is in Workshops on remote, the management of resources is a mind-knot, so those mods make the game much
easier for what is a boring part.

(For newbies) If you decide to pay this settlement with components, you should use a weightless mod for the junk objects.
If you don't, you would become like a mule doing a boring job carrying a few objects at a time to a Station where you can scrap them.
A backpack is a good complement to it, e.g.: Field Scribe Backpack

Tips on how to gather more components:

Weaponsmith Extended gives a lot more components than vanilla when you scrap weapons and armors.
It is also a good idea because the vanilla weapons choice is so limited.
Weaponsmith Extended is not easy to install though, but the effort is worth it.
- Installing mods adding enemies:
Behemoth Pride. A good challenge that gives armor, weapons, ammunition and forces you to adopt uncommon (cowardy) strategies (until you can face them like a real man).
- ...
- Wood and Concrete are easy to collect on roads and highways. Dead trees provide a lot of Wood, of course.
- Buying Shipments (can be scrapped in the Junk Grinder). You may need a lot of Copper and Aluminium.
- Shortening the Cell Respawn Time so you kill more enemies and collect more stuff to scrap.

The vanilla Cell Respawn Time default is 168 hours for normal cells and 480 hours for those cells that can be marked as Cleared on the Map.

Find the following lines in Fallout.esm and use "Deep copy as override into..." to create a new esp file using FO4Edit (see in 'Merging plugins' for a bit more info) and change the values as shown below for a doubling of enemies respawn speed time:
[Game setting]
iHoursToRespawnCell 84
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 240

I find that longer days and nights increase the immersion, especially with mods that make nights darker. Days and nights are different universes then, unlike with the vanilla settings.
These two mods are good for that: ENB + Reshade presets "GrimWolf Institute ASD" or Darker Nights.

If you play with a smaller time ratio than the vanilla 1/20 (1 real time minute=20 in-game minutes), you should adapt the Cell Respawn Time proportionally.
If not, you would travel in a largely empty world.
For a time ratio of 1/5, you should divide the vanilla Cell Respawn Time by 4 from the default values, so 42/120 hours for the same ratio and less to spawn enemies more often.
To change the time ratio, a console command can be used that will stay indefinitely after you save. For the example above:
Set timescale to 5
You must then put the adapted values of the Cell Respawn Time in an esp file using FO4Edit.
Find the following lines in Fallout.esm and use "Deep copy as override into..." to create a new esp file or write it in an already existing one:
[Game setting]
iHoursToRespawnCell 42
iHoursToRespawnCellCleared 120
Put the values at 21/60 if you want enemies twice more often.
- The vanilla value for the shops to respawn their money is two days. One day seems to be the minimum, so same thing as for the Cell Respawn Time (above):
[Game setting]
iDaysToRespawnVendor 1

Merging plugins

It is not possible to merge my settlements plugins (with FO4Edit) without keeping the original ESPs as masters. But many other mods can be so, here are two methods to merge plugins if you are close to the 256 ESPs limit.


-- Step by step general method:
- Find the plugins you use that have no files attached, just an esp file.
In the 'Plugins' window of your mod manager, click/hover on one of those esp. That displays the list of the master files needed by it.
If the only masters are Fallout4.esm and/or a DLC's esm, then that esp is a good candidate.

- Open FO4Edit with your mod manager.
- Select all the plugins.
- When they are loaded (wait for the message "finished"), open, in the left panel, one of the mods you found previously.
- If all its records are part of both that particular mod and Fallout4.esm (or a DLC's esm) and to no other, then you can transfer them into your merged mod.
The records presence in mods or esm is displayed in the right panel.
In the tree of the candidate mod (left panel), right-click on each chapter and choose "Deep copy as override into..." then "new file" or the file where you are grouping those mods.
There should be no message.
If there is one telling you the original mod's esp, or any other mod is a master, cancel the copy, erase the changes and try with another one.
- When all is done, save with Ctrl+S or simply exit FO4Edit.

Making ESLs out of some ESPs:
Patches and other plugins that have the game ESMs, plus a plugin that you use (so it is present anyway), as masters can be saved as ESLs after you copy (Deep copy as override into...) all the data they contain to a new plugin.
Remember that ESLs must not contain a lot of records so, only small mods should be saved as ESLs.

If you use MO2, you must take the file in Mod Organizer\overwrite and install it.
If you use NMM, FO4Edit places the new file in the right game directory.

Transparent waters are better for the pool and elsewhere, I think (even if it is too transparent).
ini settings for water transparency:
In Fallout4Prefs.ini:
The following line doesn't seem to change anything. The values can be 0 to 4:

Possible problems and solutions:

The spheres of the three bulb lamps around the pond should be illuminated but they are so only occasionally (excuse my french, maybe).
That bulb is not illuminated by default but I found a two bands way to do it, except that doesn't always works...
Settlers working in the field (assigned to food) can be under the farm plot. Bethesda engine doesn't deal well with added grounds, the NPCs
tend to remain at the vanilla ground level.
If you want to interact with those settlers (to equip or reassign them), you should use the console command tcl to go underground yourself.
Until you find the Magazine "Picket Fences #2 " in Hardware Town near Diamond City, vanilla "High-tech Lights" (seen in corporation buildings, lobbies, bars) may not function in the settlement. You may need to replace them (I have seen both instances).
They are in Power/Lights but don't appear in the menu until you get the magazine! So by night, if you see lamps that are switched off, it is probably because of this.

How to: For the change to be done without spending components, just store the lamp in the Workshop (Tab), then go to Power/Lights, and place it back.
To put it exactly where it stood (if Place Everywhere is installed):
Store the coordinates of the faulty lamp with = (next to Backspace) and place the new one with 0 (zero).
If some electrical device doesn't work (Stained Glass Lamps on Bars and living room Tables), toggle off the snapping (if Place Everything is installed: F1 F2 F3) and just grab it and release it.
If the device moves nonetheless (Wall Lamps...), grab it and abort (Tab).

Some other lamps look lit but are not. Just activate them in-game (ceiling lights in kitchens...)

If that doesn't work and the device is connected to a connector, maybe it has been damaged in battle (sometimes, the damages are distributed at random).
Then you should use the console command tcl to go grab it, generally underground, take it above ground and re-connect both objects.

To make electric connections, you may need a mod allowing longer wires than the vanilla ones: Longer Power Lines.
The settlements statistics in the Pipboy may become erroneous (down to 0). That bug seems to originate from Settlement Management Software.
In my experience, it happens systematically when you install a new blueprint and affects Sanctuary Hill (maybe not exclusively). So, after having saved the game after the installation of a BP, you should check the status of settlements in the Pipboy.

To fix it, first try [Tasks] => [Refresh Workshop Data] in that mod's interface. If that doesn't work, just go to the settlement and enter Workshop mode.
Using the COC console command is definitely not a cheat in that case.

Method: coc x, where x is the name of the settlement, generally but not always followed by ext, all in one word.
Exceptions: Hangman's Alley: coc fensraidercampext
                     Outpost Zimonja: coc relayoutpostzimonja
                     Coastal Cottage: coc poimcamp01
About FPS and the 'Texture drift' or 'reverberation':

Under certain angles, the biggest NMCSU settlements are displaying the 'texture drift' when the view encompasses the whole settlement.
It is almost identical on an old PC 4790k/R9 280x (3Gb) or on a new one 9700k/RTX2070 (8Gb).
5000 objects seem to be around the limit.

It only happens when looking from the outside and with certain approaches.
It only affects the display and doesn't trigger any bug. It is just unpleasant and leads you to look down a bit.

It is to be noticed that wearing a Power Armor removes the texture drift in almost all situations! (must be because of the hud)
For example, in Graygarden, when coming from the crashed helicopter up the highway towards the house (up the highway too), the texture drift is the worst there is, but in a PA, the display is OK!

If you experience too much 'texture drift' or a too low FPS, you could remove objects like:
- Light sources
- Unused Stations
- Furniture / Decorations
- Trees
- ...
If you play with the vanilla display (without ENB, Reshade presets or the Darker Nights mod), you might scrap some invisible lights sources to gain FPS.
There is 136 of those grey spheres in this settlement.

Furniture, decorations and lights in the houses were the last things I build in my settlements. Before that, there was no texture drift in the biggest ones.
Sometimes, while in Workshop mode, you may see the name of a Turret (like "Spot Turret") as if it was highlighted but you are not pointing towards any.
If Place Everywhere is installed, turn off the snapping (F1 F2 F3) and simply grab the absent object then release it. Problem solved although it may come back later.
There should be no clipping or navmesh problems (you go through objects or you are stopped by something invisible).
In the case you experience some nonetheless, here are solutions:
While in Workshop mode:
- The object doesn't have clipping but you can grab it. So grab it and then release it.
- More often, the object has no clipping and you can't grab it (it is not highlighted when pointing to it).
You should use the console command 'disable' after you clicked on it to display it's RefID. Then just build the same object normally.
- Same as above but the object cannot be selected, not even in the console, so 'disable' cannot be used.
Placing a new same object over it seems to be the only solution unless you want to reinstall the blueprint.
Use Place Everywhere to move the new item 0.1 over the buggy one to avoid flickering (0.2/0.3 for walls or things that can be seen from afar).

To learn the name of the original mod of an object and its FormID, you could use Better Console, no esp.

With Place Everywhere installed, deactivate Object snap (F1), Ground snap (F2) and Grid snap (F3).
Grab the ground tile or the buried wall (on an edge of ground tiles) and release it.

If there is too much related problems, you should reinstall the blueprint after you exit and relaunch the game.
Those bugs occur during the install or maybe during the save after the install. The blueprint itself is conform.
Power Armor Reset Bug:
In my experience, it is a bug which send back to its original location a PA present in a world cell, e.g. when you activate a plugin which edit the said cell (like this plugin).
Just go back where you found it to take it back or move the PA elsewhere before you activate the plugin.
It may happen that exiting the Power Armor is impossible in some places.
If you want to work on the PA and the problem occurs in the tech building where the PA bench is, here are two possible solutions:

1) Open the console and select/click on the PA bench.
Get its coordinates by entering each line separately:
getpos x
getpos y
getpos z
then select/click on the PA and use these values to place it near the PA bench (without quotes and the additions made):
setpos x "the x value+30"
setpos y "the y value+30"
setpos z "the z value"
One can enter the PA normally afterwards.

2) Move the PA bench outside were you can exit the PA.
Very rare: Some wooden pillars named "Wood Support Beam" may have a wrong size despite having their scale set correctly in the blueprint file.
To correct that, enter workshop mode, highlight the pillar, increase or decrease its size (with Place Everywhere installed, Numpad 3 or Numpad 1) then cancel with Backspace. The pillar should then have the right size.

Place Everywhere - Keyboard Remapping for Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn Keys

If you don't yet use Place Everywhere and you use the 6 keys Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn to move, there is a Remapping file (Place.ini) in Miscellaneous files.
Place Everywhere uses all six keys by default.

The Key changes:
Ins to e                                            (extraOutlineToggle)
Del to z (qwerty) / w (azerty)        (deleteKey)    You have to enable that action in the [dangerous] section of the ini file. I suppose it is the "disable" command.
Home to y                                       (physicsOn)
End to u                                           (physicsOff)
PgUp to q (qwerty) / a (azerty)    (scaleStepPlus)
PgDn to w (qwerty) / z (azerty)    (scaleStepMinus)

The other changes are:
duplicateEnabled=on                  (the spawndupe command)
autoTimescaleEnabled=on        (time scale set automatically to 0.01 instead of 20 while in workshop mode).

You can put ";" before those lines if you prefer the default value.
All the other commands are default.
If you want to change some mapping, here is a page with the list of Virtual Key Codes

Place.ini must be copied in:
MO: ...\Mod Organizer\mods\Place Everywhere\F4SE\Plugins\.
NMM: ...\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\.
v1.01: Corrected 6 key labels that were mixed up (qwerty/azerty).

Just in case, in order to use Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn to move in-game, one needs to remap the keyboard (because of the locked Ins) with e.g. :
Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks.

My other blueprints:
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NMCSU Settlement Blueprint - Boston Airport
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NMCSU Blueprint - Home Plate

NMCSG Plugin - The Castle ready for any Blueprint


To all the mods making this blueprint.
If you find the objects pleasant, think of endorsing those mods.
Special thanks to Cdante for Transfer Settlements that gives reasons to build something better than if it was just for oneself.

To Bethesda for their culpable indifference about the Workshop hugely inadequate interface since modders added thousands of objects.
That doesn't fit well with the many hundreds of millions dollars that firm made with this game!

I am not anglophone, so there might be some oddities.