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Blueprint for Vault 119, which contains huge area to store large number of Power Armors.

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PLEASE READ, especially the note at the bottom.

As a collector of Power Armor, I need large space to store and show them. I found the outdoor settlements are not ideal and limitation of space becomes problem. Sometime ago I released a blueprint for Power Armor Hoarder. The blueprint was console-manipulation of Fadingsignal's Basement Living. It was great, but lack of interaction with companions and other settlers made me feeling lonely. So I tried to find other place with full settlement configuration.

Vault 88 would be great, I thought. But its location in the radiated mine with respawning raiders are big problem for me. And the companions when sent there, always complaint of being underground. Can't stand them complaint. Then I found Vault 119 mod, and I love it. So here it is, the blueprint.

- Lots of Power Armor stations, more than 120 last time I count. There is still space in the cave, in case you need more.
- Minimal list of required mods, and none of Creation Club items required. Only one mod is hosted out of Nexus. So you can add more decorations as you like. Difficult to please everyone, eh?
- Has Filtration Plant (Water Treatment Plant), Microfusion Garage (Microfusion & Fusion Core Production), Nuclear Arms Factory (Mini Nuke & Fat Man Production) and one indoor recreational plot. The Microfusion Garage contains quest to be finished first though, if you haven't. Since these plots have their own building style and/or dangerous (lore wise), I didn't put them inside the vault wall. For quest, you can check this document. Spoiler warning for Sim Settlements Industrial Revolution.
- Large residential area with bed for 14 people. I don't use Sim Settlements residential plot for this purpose, you can change them if you want, the space is sufficient for internal residential plot. Although, it will reduce the maximum number of bed, unless you change the structure.

DLC/Mod Required:
- Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints
- All DLCs
- Vault 119
- Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
- More Power Armor Display Stations
- Snappable Vault Wall Lights
- CWSS Redux v3 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc
- Capital Wasteland Workshop Pack
- Do It Yourshelf Updated
- Sim Settlements
Please read the Requirement Notes on each mods.

- The folder structure in the archive file points to slot 10 of Transfer Settlements.
- Please give the Transfer Settlements & Sim Settlements engines to rebuilt plots. It takes about 15 minutes (in my heavily modded potato PC) to rebuild, so don't be worried to see the plots empty right after Transfer Settlements finished rebuilding the blueprint.