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Turns Sunshine Tiding's Co-Op into my fort.

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Yeah you. Sick of Sunshine being a hippie joint for bots and want a fort there instead without actually building it yourself yet keeping some resemblance? (some not all...) Well you found the right mod- err blueprint!

So, when I make settlements, I use a ton of mods. This isn't an exception. It's also a first build and publish. You may be asking yourself, "So Zaz. You're telling me, that it's a decent at best, fort version of Sunshine Coop... What's the pros to this-" 
I'm getting to that young Jimmy! 


In your barracks, you have bunk beds and foot lockers for each solider, FUNCTIONING SHOWERS, sinks, toilets with added wall art, and peace at mind knowing that all of your god awful settlers, Pieces of shi- Soldiers get their own place to sleep and have their own storage spaces. No more people having to share bunks! And who knows! You might be able to find a doughnut in one foot locker and yell at the person until suicid- they fall in line!

That's right! A bar in a military compound. Wait.. fort. Uh... Blame the skooma. Anyways, you have a pool table in your bar as well! Perfect for staging bar fights! Fort Sunshine bar is on top of the main crafting sections and general store. Just don't let Sheffield steal the Nuka-Cola Quantum, battery acid, and vodka... We do not need another Vegas incident. It was bad. I mean he caused 500 people to- I'm getting sidetracked. Oh no wait! Speaking of murder!

We supply our fort with the very best around here. Usually pipe rifles and their military outfit and helmet. What? That's not good enough? Well buy some guns from yourself and give it to your new world army! In the weaponry shops there are three layers. Weapons on bottom, need to get those first right? Armor in the middle, gotta stay safe! And Power Armor on the top, though you probably won't use them. The defense is incredible here! 

We have a heavy metal door keeping those nasty red ferals out and the troops in! Fort Sunshine is lined with a concrete wall with barbed wire. We also recently got enough caps to add some anti tank rifle sentries around the Fort and at the entrance! You won't have to worry about any more creeps stealing your jet, Preston's gag (No seriously, who ever stole the gag that kept Preston quiet, please return as soon as possible), Jun's will to live or Mamma Murphy's panties, (whoever stole those... You sick fucks... I mean... fucking why?!) and ect. You get the point. There's also a pre-installed robo-baby-maker. Build as many murder machines guards as you need! 


Yup! That's right. Your own personal medic is there to provide you with as many stimpaks and rad-away caps can buy! Filled with medical beds and wheelchairs! Wait... Do... Do we even have a Doctor there-

Liberty Prime even stopped buy to stay and guard the only (non-functional) tank in the base!


Hell yeah, now we're talking! Your own quarters have been provided with every single crafting bench there, a shooting range, a prototype QUANTUM BOX, and your own customizable shack! You also have an outside Power Armor garage! Already stocked with power armor! It also has an amazing view! You can see Diamond City and if you look hard enough, the Prydwen!  But the height also helps to partake in, my personal opinion, the best hobby out there, vertibird hunting.

Welcome home Chief. Have fun and most importantly go wild with power! The karma system doesn't exist anymore for a reason.

Important!!!!!!! Mods and Installation!
You will need the mods I use! Don't worry though, most you should have... Hopefully. 

Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
Not Your Average Neon
Wasteland Workshop DLC
Settlement Supplies Expanded
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Far Harbor DLC
Zebrina's Workshop Devices
Food Generators 
CREAtive Clutter
Contraptions DLC
Vault-Tec DLC
Legendary Modification (need the 2 legendary mod part (2LM))
Wasteland Workshop Evolved 
CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks
Eli's Armour Compendium
Quantum Box
Clean Beds
Water Towers
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Snap'n Build 2.0 
Automatron DLC
Training Targets
Filled Weapon Displays
Sci-Fi and Retro Paintings
Clean Shacks 
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
Scrap Everything

Place the file in Fallout4/data/F4SE/TransferSettlements and then go in game to work on Sunshine Tidings.

Just a little more I know. But you're almost there. 

With Scrap Everything, remove all of the homes, the lunchroom on the right, facing the front of the main shack (the one with "Save the Robots" sign). Remove the top of the shack, the slanted pieces, the two silos, the large white doors and then the walls where normal doors would go. Sorry for the long setup! Anyways good luck and have fun!