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County Crossing turned into a car junkyard town

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This settlement was meant to try the mod Grounded, play with the foundations to create some kind of elevated area where to start stacking cars and build shacks on them. It turns out it was kinda funny to throw mud pile everywhere in the wholes and gaps between cars, so i ended puting them all over the place instead of the foundations. And on top of that those mud piles are mixing very well with the reddish water, which in return hides the seems around the piles. Just had to add some industrial debris and plywood here and there and here we are: with a nice dirty place, smelling oil and sweat, giving tetanus, and growing mudfruits.
At first it was supposed to be gunner themed, but i didnt found any mods that were adding gunners decoration, and well they already have one place like that so... I already made a raider themed BP so not this time, but this one could easily be turned into another one. You see BoS in this place? they would scavvenge the place to dirt instead. So for now just random town theme, and i let the shacks almost empty, if you feel like decorating: please yourself ;-)

Nothing more specific to say on this one beside that.

I'm using version of TS 1.44. If this is causing any issue i can upload a new file in the lastest version.

Check requierement tab for links.

1/ i recommandusing a cleaning mod to remove all the trash piles and other clutter than will clip through the added objects.
2/ Wire lines are saved in the file.
3/ Do i need to mention again settler AI in my settlements?

Hope you'll like it!


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