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Transfer Settlement Blueprint for Lexington Red Rocket Settlement added by the Red Rocket Settlements mod.

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Required mods:
Available on Nexus:
"Red Rocket Settlements",
"Sim Settlements",
"Sim Settlements Industrial Revolution",
"CREAtive Clutter",
"G2M Workshop",
"Woody's Wasteland Stuff",
"Workshop Decorations Pack.esp",
"A Variety of Containers",
"Old World Radio"
"This is MY Bed",
"Kraggles Structures",
"Sim Settlements AddOn Pack-Junk Town",
"Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements AddOn Pack",
"Industrial City Sim Settlements Add-On",
"Sim Settlements - IDEK's Logistics Station -- ESL Version
"Settlement Objects Expansion Pack",
"Modular Kitchen",
"Not Your Average Neon",
"V's Stylish Decor",
"NWM Playing House",
"PCDug's Build a Wall",
"Snap'n Build 2.0"

Available from Bethesda.net:
"USO: Unlocked Settlement Objects and the USO Season Pass"
"Better Stores"