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Adds construcable Food Synthesizer under Resources -> Food, that produces 4 food, 2 happiness, and requires 10 electricity.

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Requires: Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
(for mesh resources)

Adds a construct-able working Food Synthesizer under:

Resources -> Food -tab.

When powered, the synthesizer produces:

  • 4 food
  • 2 happiness
  • small amounts of corn, tatos and mutfruits (at same rate as water pumps etc). 

The Food Synthesizer requires 10 power to work, Science 2 to build, and is powered via emitters (aka passive).

It also functions as a makeshift cooking station when "used".



Q: Aren't there like n+ number of mods that already do this?

A: Yes, but I wanted one that:

  • Produces food, not just a decoration piece.
  • Produces actual food items, not just the resource for calculation.
  • Requires power for balance reasons.
  • Requires perk(s) etc. for balance reasons.
  • Does not produce ungodly amounts (like 10 food per).

Q: Is this .ESL or .ESL flagged?

A: This is .ESL flagged .ESP.