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"These neighbors are less annoying than the jerks at Far Harbor... Not as tasty, though."

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A reasonably intelligent Super Mutant set up shop just outside of Far Harbor. But the foul personalities of the overcrowded Harbor's residents has made him want to seek a more secluded locale. The neighbors to his new home aren't much nicer than those up at Far Harbor, but at least they have man-eating in common.

There is a small Island in the south of Far Harbor, just northwest of Brooke's Head Lighthouse, and southeast of the Fringe Cove Docks. The island is empty except for one sleepy resident, and one very grumpy resident... I don't know why Bethesda put all the settlements for Far Harbor up in the north, and none in the south. But this island makes for one nice Hermit refuge. Or, since it was built by a Super Mutant, I guess it'd be a Super Hermit.

Here is a [YouTube] link to a walkthrough of this build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPoS4Iv_r9Y
((The current main file has fixed the errors displayed in this Video))

The Settlement has over 20 beds. Over 30 food. Over 30 water. Over 30 power. Over 100 defense.
Also has a Pick Me Up stand (requires power), Overboss Tribute Chest. And a Booze still.
Many interactive objects are Scavenging Stations, but you don't need to assign a settler to them. Settlers will interact with the objects on their own, even if unassigned.


I know the hefty mod requirement is a deterrent. So, I will be listing my
own personal load order, exactly, for each building mod involved. I
have zero errors with the load order i'm gonna list. I personally place
all mods which add objects into the build menu close to the top of the
entire Load Order, underneath the mods that add quests to the game.

  • Tales From the Commonwealth :: OPTIONAL, you'll just be missing out on some (Atomic) Radios.
  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource v4.02
  • USO Base Game (core component of Unlocked Settlement Objects)
  • Conquest - Build New Settlements and Camping - Conquest 1.3 Release
  • Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints - Transfer Settlements v1.50
  • Auto Doors - Auto Doors 2.8
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • USO Season Pass (add-on for Unlocked Settlement Objects)
  • NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... - NorthlandDiggers 1.4
  • Snappy HouseKit - Snappy HouseKit
  • Workshop Decorations Pack - Workshop Decorations Pack
  • Workshop Rearranged - Workshop Rearranged
  • Compact Crafting
  • Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture - DLC EDITION
  • Housekeeping - Scavenging Deluxe - Housekeeping
  • Invisible Furniture
  • Settlement_Markers
  • Workshop Rearranged Patch Pack
  • USO Generic Menu Override Patch
  • Settlement Menu Manager - Settlement Menu Manager - 0.1.4
  • USO Performance Boost Patch

Here's the link to all of the USO mods on the Bethesda forums, should be listed out clearly enough
- https://bethesda.net/community/topic/23619/andrewcx-links-to-all-my-mods

Still, there's so many mods involved, I debated whether to upload at all or not.
I did just build this for myself. But eh, why the heck not? Thought i'd share.
This build was mainly made for me to watch my companion walk around playing with interactive objects while I imagined scenes and stories going down.

Something to note, if this is going to be your first experience with this many building mods installed.
- When you try to enter build mode, expect to wait about 15 seconds while
the game loads all the crap. It'll look like your game has frozen, but it'll be fine.

  • You'll probably want a scrap-everything type mod to get rid of alot of the trees on this island. I personally built around all preexisting objects.
  • If you want to scrap the foliage on this island, without breaking precombines in the rest of the game, I recommend the newly-released mod [Combined Objects Ingame Toggle] - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34990?
  • This was made using the mod Conquest, the name of the Outpost is Kreitz. I believe you'll have to place a Workbench and use the same Outpost name for this to work. If you've already placed an Outpost named Kreitz, you can easily go dissolve that settlement, and then you'll be able to place the Workbench on this island. Right beside the Skeleton and his red Trunk. (position doesn't have to be exact)
  • The import may fail to connect the Wired Power Conduits. If the power lines don't import, you'll have to go through connecting things yourself. In order to help with this, I have added a very visible Yellow Star sign next to every Power Conduit. (You can see some in the Screenshots) Make sure to look up when searching for them, some are placed fairly high. Every Power Conduit is directly up or down from one of those Yellow Star signs. Just watch my Youtube Video Walkthrough of the build, I will show where each Conduit is, and how to easily connect everything up. I tried to make it straightforward and with as few connection points as possible, without being noticeable/ugly. Feel free to remove the signs after everything is connected, of course.
  • I humbly suggest giving the mod [Playable Super Mutant] a whirl. - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9947
  •  It may say you're missing some mods, but those are completely optional.
    Probably just like a shelf I forgot to remove or something else very small and unimportant, you won't even know what's missing if you Import this Blueprint without the mods I haven't listed. If there even are any mods I missed.