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A Hangman's alley settlement build, based on the character of Piper

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In order to prevent any new banishment from Diamond city. Piper decided to establish an alternative office close to her sister, but far away from the eyes of mayor McDonough.
She didn't come alone though. Sheffield was eager to change is life and settled a counter, so he could gather all the Nuka Cola he would be able to trade against the Bobrov's moonshine he stopped drinking.
Later on, the sole survivor convinced Doc Anderson to ceased her wandering and settle down in this small but busy place. In the shadow of Diamond city.

I suspect Sheffield to have a crush on Doc.

What will you find in Piper's Alley ?
• 8 beds• All the vanilla workbench you'll need
• A Tier III clinic marker, required to recruit Doc Anderson
• A tier I bar marker for sheffield• A scavenging station
• A lot of love.

You should not need any scraping mod as I've been very careful to stay compatible with the mod Boston FPS fix.
So I had to build around this ugly shack on stilts, but somehow I managed

• Do not scrap the brazier, the one close to the workshop as the light and shadow persist. But scrap the one close to the armor workbench.
• Don't scrap the cooking stove for the same reason.