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My 16th settlement build from 2021, finally for download!
Settlement spans the entire island, divided into several groups of people. Very organic low key build expanding on the themes already set by Bethesda.
Lore friendly! Requires a ton of mods, I'm afraid.

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SPECTACLE ISLAND Radstag Rider Colony

This is my 16th settlement build from 2021, finally for download!

General note: My blueprints have a growing list of requirements. I am aware that this makes them unsuitable for most people. I didn't design my settlements with blueprints in mind. I'm only making them available now because I'm been asked a lot over the years. So now I provide the service for the few people who might actually go along with the requirements for whatever insane reason. ;)

There is a lot of lag due to the size of the settlement. Dips as low as 20 fps on my rig (=i7-4790K, GTX 1080Ti).


Spectacle Island is a unique radstag breeding settlement. Not only that, they also ride them!
Aside from the Radtsag Riders, there are also the Fearsome Fishermen, the Container Captains, the Beach Bums, the Boat Bucks, the Boat Birds, and the Brahmin Brothers.

The island has to offer:
  • a guesthouse with showers and outhouses
  • an armorsmith inside the guesthouse
  • boat repair
  • a radstag butcher + and a slaughter pen
  • dolphin meat vendor
  • the Mirelurk King grill
  • the SS Shipwrek party boat
  • a doctor
  • a general vendor
  • a mirelurk farm
  • a mirelurk butcher
  • a huge tree house with kitchen and moonshine maker
  • several smaller tree houses
  • a bar on the container barge
  • two boat houses
  • fishfarms
  • many docile radstags
  • brahmin
  • chickens and rabbits

There is:
  • 294 food
  • 83 water
  • 65 power
  • 164 defense
  • 87 beds (there are jobs for 51settlers)

  • Several crumbled walls and debris have to be cleared out of the guesthouse. Easiest to do it after importing.
  • All the animals will be outside their designated pens (including the docile mirelurks). Please move them or scrap and place them again. The radstags do not import for some reason. Please add as many as you like.
  • The stationary guns of the radstag slaughter pen go off. They need to be repaired and reset. They are mostly decorative though. If you want a radstag to be slaughtered, you need to place one right in front of a gun in workshop mode and then quickly pull the lever...
  • The first time I exported the blueprint the import was messed up and the boats were displaced while the decorations stayed in place. I have since done the export again and this time the import was fine. If that still happens, please let me know. And import again.

Required mods that have been deleted from Nexus and moved to Bethesda.net or elsewhere:
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • CREAtive Clutter - All DLC
  • CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets
  • USO - Unlocked Settlement Objects
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Gruffydd's Signs of the Times
  • Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
  • Better Cooking Stations
  • Better Stores

Missing mod:
  • Wasteland Clothing Pack (I used the workbench as a prop)
  • Reginald's PreFab ShackFest

Note: Several of the smaller workshop mods I used in the beginning became redundant after installing Workshop Rearranged and other big mods. However, I never went back and replaced these to keep the required mod count down. I never intended to upload my settlements! Apologies for the bloated requirements!

You should have F4SE, HUDFramework, and Transfer Settlements installed.
Drop the downloaded file into the Data folder. This blueprint uses slot 16. If you already have a blueprint there, back it up! Or put the Json file in a different slot of your choosing.