About this mod

Live out your dreams as Kevin Costner with this Waterworld inspired settlement. Melted polar ice caps sold separately.

Permissions and credits
One thing that has always bugged me about Fallout 4's map is that there is this yuge amount of water. (Were talking big water, ocean water here people) and yet there isn't much out there. Sure there are a few scattered rafts, a couple sunken wrecks and the odd rocky outcrop poking itself just above the water but that's it. A huge space with next to nothing. 

Until now.................... My first player settlement using  Conquest aims to help fix that by offering a Waterworld inspired settlement for your perusal. And what's a more iconic thing in Waterworld after the Exxon Valdez (The Deez) Kevin Costner's gills,  Jeanne Tripplehorn's bare a$$ (though I heard it was a stunt double) is there then the Atoll. The rag tag settlement that gets shot all to hell by the Smokers.

The Atoll is packed with all the amenities you could ask for, but still bare bones enough for you to easily customize it the way you want. I left out a few things like power lines and left the player home fairly empty. You might also notice a few police Protectrons walking around.

Before You Install

This settlement blueprint takes slot #4. If you have another blueprint in that spot make you back it up before downloading this one.

A couple people told me they couldn't get my last blueprint to download with Nexus Mod Manager. If you download this mod and it doesn't work download it manually. If you're not sure how to do that watch the following video.


Head north from Spectacle Island until you come across a couple of half sunken boats and bits of random debris. Look for the skeleton sitting in the chair seen in the picture below. Go through the steps to set up your campsite and then settlement. Make sure you place the workbench on the row boat as shown below.