Fallout 4

About this mod

A settlement built around a lighthouse with pipes and flames and stuff.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by the lighthouse from the movie Cold Skin (it's the one where a guy lives in a lighthouse, bangs a blue mermaid thingy and does some other stuff. Never watched it just saw the trailer) I created this settlement using the abandoned lighthouse on the southern part of the map. It's meant to be a sort of small fishing village and trading post, with the lighthouse being a sniper tower to help defend against attacks.

Setting up the settlement is pretty straight forward. You won't need to scrap anything before you place it. But I do recommend finding the message in a bottle first because the wall might cover it. When you place your workbench place it just inside the lighthouse entrance on the ground floor to center everything off.

If you've never used Transfer Settlements I recommend checking out the Nexus pageĀ 

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