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A Transfer Settlements Blueprint for an American Gothic style house at Somerville. The house is intricately detailed, but does not contain furniture. As such, I suppose you can view it as a modder's resource. Furnish and decorate it just the way you want it.
UPDATE: 14-Sep-21. I have furnished the main house finally and posted it.

Permissions and credits
Installation Instructions
American Gothic House at Somerville
-- A Transfer Settlements Blue Print.

  • Version1.0: (original) Includes the main house, bunkhouse, and workshop. Landscaping, but no furnishings.

  • Version 2.0: (furnished) Includes version 1.0 structures, and landscaping plus furnishings forthe house.

Requirements for Version 2.
                 "V's CommunityArt.esp",
                 "Northland DiggersNew.esp",
                 "Not Your AverageNeon.esp",
                 "V's StylishDecor2.esp",

  • You don't have to install Version 1 before installing Version 2. Version 2 includes everything from
Version 1.
I built this settlement with Desperado/Badlands 2 mods installed. So, the terrain was fairly
barren. These mods eliminate the grass that pokes through floors, but they are not required.
The console command scrapall clears the terrain including the dreaded pokey-through grass.
The blueprint for Version 1 is numbered 19, and Version 2 is 20. If you already have a BP with that number,
just change the number for the Somerville BP folder.
InstallationSteps: Follow these steps for either version.
A. Quick and dirty installation.
Copy the Somerville folder (#19 or #20) to your blueprint folder. Do a scrapall to the settlement.
Install the building permit.

B. Detailed installation steps.

1. F4SE. Install the latest version of F4SE (https://f4se.silverlock.org/).
2. Transfer Settlements. Install the latest version of Transfer Settlements (https://www.nexusmods.com/

3. Download the Mod File. I install BP's manually. Unzip the file and place the folder #19 into Fallout 4\
Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints.  I imagine that the mod managers will work fine.
I just haven't tested it. [Update: It worked fine with Vortex.]
4. Mods Required for the build.

   a. Nuka World elements are used by some of the building mods.
   b. The buildings and outdoor"hardscape" were done with Snappy House Kit. (At least 99% of the objects.)
   c. Northland Diggers and CREAtive Gardenswere used for the floral gardens. If you prefer doing your own
gardening, leave those out. The garden areas will be bare and the added grass, agave, etc. will not appear.
   d. I used Homemaker for some chain link fencing around the corn field and maybe a couple of decorations.
So you really don't need it.
   e. Settlement Objects Expansion was used for hidden lighting --the invisible Omni ShadowSpheres and
Spotlights -- and also for the waterfall in the rear. The Omni lights do not require power. The Omni spheres are
normally invisible. However, after a restart, you often have to enter/exit workshop mode to make them
disappear. Who knows why? Some requirement not being met at start up.

5. Site Preparation. Use the console command ~ scrapall to clear the settlement of all objects.
Only the workshop will remain standing. Transfer Settlements: "Nuke Before Installation" may also work
-- it doesn't work very well for me, however.
   a. Workshop Placement. Write down the x,y,z location of the workshop, since it will be buried after the
import. And then you may have to use tfc or tcl to find it. After the build, move it to where you want it with
setpos and setangle, or if you prefer, moveto player and setangle x 0.
   b. Recommended Option. Move the workshop to the following location before you import the BP.
Use setpos to move to these co-ordinates:

x  -37606,    [Corrected: I originally had typed -35606. The correct value is  -37606. Thanks, Steff.]
y  -89727,
z  2365.
And setangle z 270.

Those co-ordinates will place the workshop in a little shop where the chem station, weapons bench
and armor bench will also be found after the BP import. Or you can move the workshop to anywhere
you prefer.
This is where the workshop will be if you move it to the co-ordinates above. (The camera is centered
near the middle of the house and aimed northwest.)

After the build, it will be in this little shop up the hill.

6. Import. Find [Settings] Transfer Settlements in your Pip Boy Misc tab. Configure TS if
you haven't already done so. This BP doesn't have any power connections, or original
objects (other than the workshop), animals or anything special to import. It doesn't matter
if you have those checked, though. Except the water markers for the waterfall (they're
important, see below).
   a. Click on Import Settlement blue print,scroll down to the Somerville BP.
   b. Click on it, then click Import this Settlement (#19).
   c. Be sure to click Enable Markers in the menu that appears. I think you have to click Import
this Settlement again after any changes to import requirements. (There are 2600 objects so it
will take 20 minutes or more.)
   d. Personal preference. I like to choose build from the ground up. You can clearly see the
objects going in and know what elements were involved in building it as the foundation and
walls go up.

7. Furnishings.There are none in the current BP, other than the fireplace and
wall paper. (Omni spheres are invisible.) So, consider this BP as a modder's
resource. You will want to personalize the furnishings to your own taste. I see
the main room as a living room with the kitchen and breakfast nook to the rear
-- bay window area. The fireplace room as the parlor. The green room with sun porch
as the bedroom. The loft? I don't know -- a place to bask in the sun under the
skylight and take your afternoon tea. Maybe play chess or read a book. There
are three bunks in the bunkhouse for the original farm family and work benches
in the shop.
C. Issues and Problem Areas
Unwanted Plants. Desperado/Badlands replaces a number of plants with cactus and other
plants. Hopefully those revert to something decent in your landscape environment. One
exception is the agaves -- blue and striped. I have several of these in my own yard and
couldn't resist adding them manually. You probably will want to remove them.
Ground BleedThrough. This problem came from Desperado. I didn't see the effect in a vanilla
test import. There is a ground terrain bleed through up onto the floor in the entrance
to the bedroom. The ground is a least a foot below the floor, so I don't know why this is
happening. It's weird. It also bleeds through some of the foot paths and even onto the flowers
planted there.  It acts like a decal and I believe it may have been a pile of leaves in the vanilla
landscape. It can't be removed through normal means.
Grass PokingThrough. Scrapall removed all the grass in my Desperado/Badlands environment
in the build area. True grasses and Badlands Grass adds it back, if you use those.
In a normal vegetated environment, you may have grass poking through the floor.
For screenshots, you can remove the grass with the console command ~ tg (toggle
Minor issues. I'm sure there are a number of plants floating above ground and a few
carpentry/masonry joints that don't quite line up. I tried to catch as many of
these as I could. You may even find some unused building materials just lying
about. Let me know about those, I'll want to remove them for later versions.



The most gracious, and well heavenly, Heaventhere.
The illustrious sage of sage, the speeding feline herself, FastBlackCat
And the unstoppable driving force of Fallout, the man with a mission,  Bernt.

And a round of applause for CDante and the tireless gang at Silverlock.org