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Yet another one of my Sanctuary Red Rocket blueprints.

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Here is my latest version of the Sanctuary Red Rocket truck stop, I think it my favourite so far.  I have tried to show a working garage repair shop with basic resources for around 10 settlers. you can fit in more but 10 should be enough to run all the facilities. There are two emporium level 3 venders, a general store located in the storage building and a bar restaurant in the red rocket building. I am using the vendor mats from easy home building settlers need to be assigned to the mats in the two vendor locations. The car lift in one of the repair bays can have a settler assigned who will spend the whole day working on the car. It is purely cosmetic but it looks cool. the lift can also be found in Easy Home Building.

the site is completely solar powered, after installing you may need to pick up and drop the pass through connectors in the power lines to complete the circuit. The street light are also solar powered and turn off and on depending on the time day or night, they do not need to be connected to any power source as they have their own solar panels.

Installing:-  You will need to remove all the clutter in and outside the red rocket, I find https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28700 removes the junk best. then manually remove anything that is left that you do not want. I like to leave the billboard and price sign for ambiance but its up to you.  All the crafting stations need removing along with the counter inside. the toolbox and diagnostic terminal and sink in the garage should be left in place, the cabinet and clutter behind the counter also needs to go, but the wall cupboard and the cabinet with ham radio can stay. in the office remove everything except  the desk with computer and chair, and the filing cabinet on the right.
It is also highly recommended that you use MightyNines's mighty clean red rocket, found at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40685, this mod should be installed before cleaning the site or installing the blueprint. Once it is installed clean then load the blueprint. when installing from the transfer settlements menu remember to tick the boxes for importing models not placed by the player and for importing farm and tamed animals, you should get a Brahmin and a couple of cats. There is a fusion generator on the roof of the red rocket that come with Mighty's mod you can leave it , it will not be in the way. the generator cannot be scraped but if you want get rid of it can be stored in the workshop or removed using console command disable. Other mods that are usefull are Place Anywhere, and as the blueprint extends slightly out of the building zone a mod that extends the buildable area will be usefull. I used settlement expansion all in one, which also covers most of the other main settlements. I also used unlimited settlement budget at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23817.

Sim settlements and transfer settlements along with their dependencies are also a must. A good tool to use to manage your blue prints is the transfer settlements Blue print manager, it not only manages your blueprints but also provides links to the mods you will need to install the blueprint as shown in the screen shots.