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Adds over 1000 new craftable objects, encompassing craftable versions of a great deal of the base game. Also includes new build sets, working planters and much much more! Newly updated by Damanding!

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New Version by Damanding!
New objects, QOL features, bugfixes and more!
Now requires all DLC and Settlement Menu Manager
Now also available on Bethnet for PC and Xbox!
If you have any issues, please read this guide first!
Streetlight Passive Power: PC Xbox
Unlocked Institute Objects: PC Xbox


Ever feel your settlements were a bit "lacking?" Want something to help spice up your shack? Homemaker is here to help!

Homemaker is a mod that greatly expands on the vanilla crafting system for settlements, and adds over 1000 new, fully-balanced objects to craft, ranging from cars, to refrigerators to working street lights and everywhere in between! The mod also features a new Institute build set, with placeable snapping walls, floors, stairways and more! Whether you're a mad scientist, longing for the good ol' days, just trying to scratch out a new living in the wastes, or a sadistic raider, Homemaker has something for you!

1.74 Notes:
--Lots of snap points! (even more to come in the future)
--Lots of texture swaps! (even more to come in the future)
--Bug fixes!
--Small quality of life improvements!
--Static collision for a number of previously moveable objects...no more kicking around coat racks, ironing boards, buckets, and bins!
--New objects!
--Built in support for Do It Yourshelf by adding the DIY furniture, complete with all DIY snaps for snapping furniture pieces to each other such as file cabinets and bookcases.

Here are a few examples of what the mod adds:

  • 7 New Build Sets - Urban Brick Buildings, Coastal Pier Shacks, Institute Houses, Greenhouses, Bunkers, Diners and Warehouses! All sets are as navmeshed as I could possibly make them and should work with NPC's , with the exception of a couple Bunker doors. The brick building set has some known issues, all of which are marked in the items description, but it should be fixed next release.

  • Large prefab buildings, such as Covenant Houses, Radio Towers, and lighthouses, to help give a bit more flavor to your settlements!

  • An overhaul of many of the vanilla categories to make many objects easier to find. The category imprint of this mod is much lighter now.

  • Hundreds of new decorative objects, ranging from cars, to trees, to coffee machines and much, much more! Now includes Institute monitors and other wall-mounted objects

  • New farmable crops - Silt Beans and Tarberries, and working planters like the kind found at Greygarden or Vault 81.

  • New Beds, Chairs, Toilets, Showers, Counters and other household objects, from both pre- and post-war! The beds also all count to your settlements bed total, and yes, bunk beds and double beds count as two separate beds.

  • Tons of new usable lights ranging from candles, table lamps, fluorescent lights, fire barrels, lanterns, and even working streetlights! All electric lights use passive power like the other non-connectable vanilla lights.

  • Tons of new fences and misc barriers that can be used in your settlements, including chainlink fences, covenant walls, BoS style military barriers, Gunner barricades, and many more!

  • Many, Many other new buildable objects. Try it and see for yourself! The vast majority of objects have proper icon scaling and balanced recipes, and those that don't will be getting it soon!

This section is currently being overhauled, as with the introduction of a scripted menu based system, Homemaker no longer overwrites vanilla categories.  

Install Instructions:

Download using Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 and follow the included installer to select which compatibility patches or optional patches you want to use.

Manual installation is no longer supported.

The patches currently are:

The patches currently are:
  • Three Build Set Disablers - Disable bunkers, greenhouses or both. Use only one esp at a time.
  • Streetlights use passive Power
  • Unlocked Institute Items - use if you want to have institute items unlock before completing Institutionalized.

Load order:

The recommended load order for the mod is as follows:

Homemaker - Disablers
Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects
Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power
Other Mods

The three separate patches make no edits to each other so they are fully compatible to be used together.

Update Information:

For versions 1.50 higher you will have a Bethesda archive or BA2 file. Loose files are not included.

If you use the multi-menu injection item from the original Homemaker's holotape, you may be missing some of
the new items.  if this is the case, I'd recommend going back to a save before you installed the update, running the holotape, switching to the single menu OR uninstalling the mod, and then installing the new update.  I can't 100% guarantee what may happen if you try using a pre-existing holotape to switch to single menu on the new update, but if you do,  I highly recommend you run Settlement Menu Manager's menu fix holotape afterwards to ensure everything is properly installed.

Version 1.74 implements Settlement Menu Manager as the preferred method of menu injection.  Though this should work on previous saves as the menu has already been injected, keep in mind this will require that mod from now on.

Known Issues:
  • Many navmeshed items do not have proper navcuts or properly developed navmeshes due to my relative inexperience at the time of making this. Damanding has said he will look into this, but he also has a bunch of other projects, so don't try and rush him!

  • The mod has been saved with the current version of the creation kit, which has updated its mod header and can cause issues with people running VR or older versions of the game.  This can be fixed with changing the version header from 1.0 to 0.95 in xEdit, but no support will be given for users running outdated versions.  Future potential updates may be given reasonable exception windows.

  • The Institute monitors (with the CCTV Screens) in the Decorative/Misc/Electronics section will flash rapidly upon selection. People who are sensitive to sudden flashing lights should avoid these objects for now; luckily they are at the end of the section.

  • The Institute Consoles and Wall monitor have issues with clipping through walls due to their size, and will jut out the back. This is only cosmetic, and is not entirely aesthetically unpleasing (see my exterior house screenshot for an example). In addition, the larger wall mounted consoles tend to move right up to the front of the camera when they are placed, so when placing them try and get as close to the wall as possible. I've found placing them once and then picking them back up makes them slightly less spastic.

  • For generators, wires do not tend to neatly attach themselves to the connect points, but this is due to them not having power connectors on the model.

  • Many of the smaller lights (desk lights, table lights) are movable static objects, and will fall over if you bump them. This sounds nice, but the workshop placement engine is not capable of righting them again, and they are unable to be picked back up once knocked over by holding "e". I found a potential fix which allows them to be picked up and carried at the expense of being unscrappable. I will keep trying to get find an ideal fix for this issue.  Fixed in 1.74!

  • Some of the lights models are permanently set to look either "off" or "on", or will vary between the two seemingly at random. This is an issue with how Bethesda decided to categorize light models, and should be fixable with the GECK. In the meantime, I was able to fix things by saving and reloading.

Here are some solutions that have been found to some of the more common issues people have been having with the mod:

  • Crashing when selecting the Fence or BoS Fence category - this is a crash due to a corrupted nif that was fixed in 1.73.  Update the mod to fix this. Thanks again to Keetz for implementing a fix.
  • Missing Institute items - This is not necessarily a bug, more of a misunderstanding. If you want to use the Institute items when not a member (or no longer a member) of the Institute, use the Unlocked Institute Objects patch included with the mod to get access to this content.

Thanks to everyone who helped translate the mod so far! There's so many now I don't feel its fair singling out just a couple, but your work is appreciated!  See the translations tab at the top of the page for a list.

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1.74+ Credits:
--Damanding: For taking over development of the mod
--Jet4571, Elianora: immersive toilet paper
--Dinozaurz, Damanding/Crayonkit, Vroynkah/MsRae (locker meshes): Do It Yourshelf support
--Creative Clutter team: collision and various material support
--1.75+ Prewar content by Gloolax (open modders resource) added. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/71759
--Munkyspunk for his folded ironing-board mesh

Legacy Credits:
FOMOD Creation Tool
Material Editor
Jayrun - for adding snap points and corners to the covenant fences, vault catwalks, retaining walls and other models
DD3Productions for helping with category ideas and allowing me to port one of his meshes for the glass floor.
Wax2k for helping with bug reports
Eni819 for helping with the file list and moral support
Mcface for testing
Batlham for helping with SK port
Unforbidable for his Darker Nights mod I used for the night screenshots of street lights
DaytonaNZ for helping me fix an activate text bug
Draco856 for helping me get Simple Intersection working (check out his mod here)
Arthancourt for helping catch a lot of naming mistakes, as well as making the French translation
Ethreon for navmeshing and helping with community management
ccmads for updating various meshes
Sharlikran for helping with community management and tons of other stuff
DarthWayne for scripting with the menus