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Croup Manor revisited into an implant clinic like the one in FNV.

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My idea here was to create something like the clinic in FNV where you can buy implants. It's been a while since i played NV for the last time so i dont recall very well how it looked but, well, another game another look ;)
The theme of this settlement revolve mainly around the mod "CROSS Cybernetics", even if Im not using it directly the mod came with an awsome good-looking workbench, and as there are no "implants surgery" doctor in FO4, i though it was a good idea to use this mods to do some sort of doctor-scientist replacing or upgrading bodyparts of his/her clients.

I'm using version of TS 1.44. If this is causing any issue i can upload a new file in the lastest version.

Sorry for the long required mods list, i wanted to keep it low but i always lack something in my main mods to add the little detail i wish.
Check requierement tab for links.

1/ Better using a cleaning mod to remove all the trash piles and other clutter than will clip through the added objects.
2/ Wire lines are saved in the file.

I guess it's all, if you have any comment or suggestion, feel free to post.

Hope you'll like it!


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