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A Sim Settlements 1 based blueprint for a clean Sanctuary Hills.

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Hello! This is my first upload to Nexus. I plan to upload more blueprints if people like it. My idea of rebuilding the Commonwealth is a tetanus-free Commonwealth. My settlement builds consist mostly of fairly clean objects, plus good-looking plots from Sim Settlements 1.

Along with the blueprint requirements, there's also texture replacers to make things look nicer. These replacers can affect objects from Sim Settlements plots as well, as they also use vanilla assets. Everything looks prettier. I do not use scrap mods, but Clean and Simple - Sanctuary instead. It's required for this blueprint. You can scrap all houses, except the yellow house (workbench one) as it has beds inside, and it's best to keep the player's blue house as well, the one that has Shawn's crib, as it may be tied to another quests.

This blueprint is made for 22 settlers. There's a high usage of Sim Settlement plots, being one commercial, recreational or martial plot for each settler, plus six residential plots. No industrial plots were added, when using a blueprint you won't need resources to build anyway.

There's no recruitment beacon. You can place one yourself, or use the Spawn Settler Button for Sim Settlements. so you'll have a settlement running right away.  The settlement has at least one commercial plot of each type (weapon, armor, clothes, general), and LOTS of bars to eat or get drunk. You will also need to increase build limit. I personally use Increased Build Limit Enhanced 4K. Do not be fooled by the mod's name, it's not 4k.


Q: Do I need all the requirements?
A: Yes. WIthout them, you may have weird issues, like objects floating in air, missing floors, walls and roofs, etc.

Q: Should l also install the optional mods?
A: Yes. Tetanus is not good.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: My current system is a Ryzen 5600X and GTX 1080 with 8gb of VRAM. I get a minimum 50 fps inside the settlement. You don't need all that. My previous processor (i7 4770) with the same videocard could also run this blueprint, but had a bigger fps impact. Sim Settlements performance is set to maximum detail. If your system is more limited, use the SS holotape and lower it.

Q: Can I start recruiting right away?
A: You should follow Transfer Settlement Blueprints warning. Do not assign settlers or build or move objects right away. Travel far away so the settlement will reload and stabilize the next time you visit it. Also Sim Settlements plots take some time to initiate after the blueprint is sucessfully executed. It's best to wait for it to finish before leaving the settlement, it will take some minutes. Go have a lunch!

Q: The Clean and Simple mod breaks precombines?
A: Yes, like scrap mods. But just for the settlement cell. Most system can run it just fine, as long as it's not a settlement located in the downtown area. I personally use CAS for all my settlements builds, except Bunker Hill, Jamaica Plain, Hangman's Alley and Boston Airport.

Q: Do you plan to upload blueprints for the other settlements in the future?
A: Yes. They will all follow almost the same mod setup from this one.

Q: Your english sux.
A: Sorry, I don't speak english natively. I'm brazilian.

Q: The Ultimate question: why didn't you use Sim Settlement 2?
A: I tried SS2 in the past months, three times. Unfortunatelly I had a bad experience with it. It's a superb mod, I envy those who can run it without issues while building a reasonable number of plots in all settlements. Due to the trauma adquired, I also don't use Workshop Framework. SS1 always worked flawlessly for me and it doesn't require WF.

Other mods used in the screenshots:
Grim Wolf Reshade and ENB presets (Institute ASD preset)
Fallout 4 Seasons (Summer 3.5 All-In-One)
High Res Night Sky Replacer (Out of This World with fixed line)
Vivid Fallout All in One (Best Choice)