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A lore friendly transfer settlement blueprint of what Sanctuary would look like once the Minutemen began to grow, attracting new settlers to the place of rebirth for the citizen soldiers

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Sanctuary Hills - home of the Sole Survivor, place of rebirth for the Minutemen. For some, Sanctuary is a very crucial part of Fallout 4. It's one of the first places you discover, and is likely the first place players got to experiment with the settlement building feature, and for those who loved it, like me, was one of the first settlements you tried to build. For certain players, Sanctuary was the centerpiece of their Fallout world. It was their base of operations, the place they became the General of the Minutemen, the location that set the events of the game into motion. I, along with many other players, love Sanctuary Hills, and want to see it grow and become wonderful, however, for some, settlement building is such a hassle. Even with the creation of Sim Settlements, it takes meticulous planning to see Sanctuary prosper into something that lives up to its name. So, I decided to do it myself, so that others can enjoy a large and prosperous Sanctuary without hundreds of hours of grueling building. I present to you, Sanctuary City, the result of 40+ hours of building

A large, lovingly built settlement
Lore-friendly buildings
Food, water, electricity and defense already taken care of (All players need to do is scrap certain buildings and manually connect some power lines)
Room for extra buildings

Sanctuary City requires a LOT of other mods, please be certain that you download and install each one before trying to import this blueprint. I am not responsible for corrupted savegames as a result of failure to heed this warning.
Thematic and Practical.esp - Thematic and Practical
Homemaker.esm - Homemaker
PWR.esp - Passive Water Resources
BetterJunkFences.esp - Better Junk Fences
ssex.esp - Settlement Supplies Expanded
MK_CanteensofCommonwealth.esp - Canteens of the Commonwealth
CleanSettlement.esp - Spring Cleaning (Or Scrap everything, whichever you choose. And you WILL need it, as certain items that aren't normally scrappable will be phased into the buildings)
DLCworkshop02.esm - Wasteland Workshop
WindowBoards.esp - Window Floor and Roof Boards
SimSettlements.esm - Sim Settlements
dinoshelf.esp - Do It Yourshelf
dtpower.esp - Destoyable Generator
CREAtiveClutter.esp - Creative Clutter
Northland Diggers New.esp - Northland Diggers
ArmorKeywords.esm - Armorsmith Extended
Sandbag Fortifications - Version 2C.esp - Sandbag Fortifications
DLCCoast.esm - Far Harbor DLC
DLCworkshop01.esm - Contraptions Workshop
TrailerParkDreams.esp - Trailer Park Dreams Sim Settlements Add-on
Prefabs.esp - Extended Wooden Prefabs
wvsimsaddon.esp - Wasteland Ventures Sim Settlements Add-on
PCDugSIMAddon.esp - Sim Settlements PCDugAddon
dinoshelf_extra_ammo.esp - Do It Yourshelf 
BusySettlersRug.esp - Busy Settlers
WeaponDisplays.esp - Filled Weapon Displays
evilviking13_minutemenmorale.esp - Minutemen Morale Pack

It's best to go to the Transfer Settlements page and follow CDante's instructions, as I may lead you astray.