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New Skyscraper Penthouse Suite! Also includes places like Goodneighbor w/The Third Rail Enhancements, Sanctuary, Diamond City w/Home Plate, Railroad HQ, Red Rocket, Abernathy Farm, Finch Farm, The Slog, Warwick Homestead w/bridge to Spectacle Island and Oberland Station. No DLC required.

Permissions and credits
Enhanced Commonwealth Locations

Hello and welcome! I would like to take a moment to explain my mods. I have spent a disgusting amount of hours playing Fallout 4. I am a huge fan of building but I hate having to recreate places I built up just because I want to start the game over. I also never understood that fact that people can't seem to clean up. You see them sweeping, yet there's a huge trash pile to their left, lol. I also do not believe Codsworth has been cutting the same flower bush for 210 years. I know there are many mods out there that recreate the commonwealth, but these mods where made for my own personal taste so they will not be for everyone. I spent a lot of time on these and thought to share them in case someone else wanted their world the same way. They are not perfect but I did the best I could, and they all pass my OCD check list, lol. If cleanliness, grass, trees or green offend you, then these are not the mods for you.

My female toon and her husband I created are here if interested:
Lara Croft 2287 by Kali8229

All are created in creation kit under the Fallout 4 master file (No DLC Required). I'm not aware of any conflict with any mods I have installed however, these will most likely have conflict with others that heavily alter the same locations or has their mod depend on an object that I may have moved/edited. If you have any issues, please make sure it is not a game bug, load order or a conflict with another mod before reporting. Sadly Fallout 4 has it's own set of issues that can be frustrating. I am not sure on the cell reset bug people refer too but if my mod states to have a safe container, it should be completely fine. I create them in the creation kit and they do not respawn. So far I have not lost anything I stored. I do not use power armor so I can not say anything on that. It is highly recommended to start a new game with any location mod that alters/rebuilds it. In some cases, it may not be needed, but mostly it is required when certain things are changed (e.g moved workbenches, items, containers). Each of my mods will state if new game is required. When downloading a "new game recommend" mod, please take into account if you have already altered the area in game. If you have, there may be oddities (e.g items overlapping).

NOTE: My mods were created around the environmental mods I use (even without using environmental mods, I added trees to the areas that state it). I have linked the mods below and placed them in my install order. If you chose to not use my set up because you have your own, don't use or use others, I can't guarantee your area will match the screenshots or that things like grass won't clip through floors. At this time I do not plan on creating a merged version of my mods few reasons. There are guides out there if one wishes to try for their personal use due to mods limits  but I take no responsibility if something weird come out of that. I unfortunately don't have the time to learn it right now and it has not become and issue for me yet.

- IF UPDATING: Please be safe and grab valuables from containers to be safe.
- Goodies boxes are scrapable for those who would like the mats but do not want the looted junk items to be added to their stats (if you loot, it's added to your stats...if you scrap w/items in it, they just go in the workbench).
- I have cleaned trash, rubble, stains, leaves, grime, etc at all locations.
- For traveling npcs/companions, if you stand there they may not start walking right away but they will show up at the intended settlement in time.
- I have noticed sometimes the ceiling fans light up but don't move, if this happens just pick up & let go while in build mode and that should fix it. Worst case, store & replace.
- Added some before my mod pictures for some locations.

Sanctuary_RedRocket_Plus NEW GAME REQUIRED - Yes it looks different from the prewar version, but I like it! This is my main settlement where I send named npcs and my homeless companions.
Sanctuary: Fixed wall and both bridges. Added lots of green. Made private hedge wall enclosing Sanctuary (open at bridge & vault). Covenant Style homes, greenhouse & 2 buildings (store/community center). Cleaned river & road. Removed dead dog, raider & blood stain in front of bridge. Due to the removal of so many items I added a goodie safe. Cleaned road from Sanctuary to Red Rocket. Removed hammer animations. Left light posts to allow for custom lighting. Fully navmeshed. Homes are not scrapable. Removed random attacks & Minutemen recruitment quests.  Doors are scrapable/placeable. Removed random attacks & Minutemen recruitment quests.

Red Rocket: Semi-furnished, added trees, made private hedge wall enclosing Red Rocket. Created a second story linked from downstairs (inside). Removed the dead brahmin from the middle of the road from Red Rocket to Concord because it was foul. The vile bugs are still there. Fully navmeshed. -Made majority of furnishings scrapable. -Doors are scrapable/placeable. NOTE: For the ceiling fans, you need power

NOTE: Due to how I originally created Sanctuary (by slightly editing Red Rocket), it created navmesh conflicts with my Red Rocket mod as I never intended to release Red Rocket when this project was launched. So I have created new version that is both. This was done by me redoing Red Rocket within the Sanctuary file. If you would like to only use one or the other, the separate files are under misc. If you would like to use both, use this file only. This version has the exact same benefits as the separate files, just no navmesh issues.
- Added safe w/large amount of crafting mats to Sanctuary (varies based on what I use).
- Increased Sanctuary Build Limit to 4x the normal amount.
- Increased Red Rocket Build Limit to 2x the normal amount.
- The start quest (Go Home/Talk to Codsworth) always works, however, there is a chance that Codsworth will not be cutting flowers. He may be cruising down the road or a few houses away. I moved nothing, so I assume it had something to do with the navmeshing or just making changes in general. You are welcome to go look for him or if you want to check/loot your house first, good chances are he will be out front when you walk out.
- Small clipping/flickering on middle top floor of the 2 brick buildings in Sanctuary. Best I could do in fixing the floor. Nothing a rug won't fix. ;)
Safe Containers:
- Sanctuary: Safe on top of Workbench. Also unchecked respawn on PA, Chem, Weapon, Cooking and Armor Stations in case it helps.
- Red Rocket: All Containers are safe. Also unchecked respawn Chem and Cooking Stations in case it helps.

PenthouseSuite_Plus - Because cool! Also, if explosions in the middle of the night wake you up, you might need somewhere quieter. :P
I created a new 2 story settlement at the top of the Dartmouth Professional Building. This will remove the Dartmouth Professional Building map marker. You will have to make it upstairs to discover. I have disabled random attacks because downstairs is freaking dangerous enough as is. Also removed Minutemen recruitment quests. You are completely safe upstairs. You can send settlers and companions here. I have not tested sending a provisioner here as it doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do, so I am not sure if they work or where they will spawn. Roof may look like dirt but it is still just floor, so please note that when placing dirt only items. Added cat (Mischief), he doesn’t really do much but in case he decides to move there are a few sunbathing spots for him. NOTE: For the ceiling fans, you need power. Has water pump w/10 water. The 3 trees are scrapable in case you don't want them. Fully navmeshed.

NOTE: Created Furnished (main) and Unfurnished (misc) versions.

- Furnished: Added tool box on top of workbench of crafting mats, ammo and extra fun items to allow you to explore the containers in your new home.
- Unfurnished: Added tool box of crafting mats on top of workbench.
- Small clipping of fire through fireplace (mostly when windy).
Safe Containers:
- All containers are safe. Also unchecked respawn on PA, Chem, and Cooking Stations in case it helps.

OberlandStation_Plus NEW GAME REQUIRED - I originally created this to be my home base before I made Penthouse Suite.
Built small 3 story brick home. Left open spots for shower mods, bobblehead shelf mod and a TV. Added candles & 1 light per floor to allow for custom lighting/brightness. Added cat (Mischief), he doesn’t really do much but walk around, there's also a sunbathing spot for him. Also adds 1 institute flower vase in decorations (misc). 3 locations for turrets (2 on roof corners and 1 in tree). Also removed train cart on tracks blocking the path (if traveling from Greygarden to Oberland Station). Fully navmeshed. NOTE: For the ceiling fans, you need power. Removed Minutemen recruitment quests.

NOTE: Created Unfurnished (main) and Furnished (misc) versions.
- Furnished: Added tool box on top of workbench of crafting mats, ammo and extra fun items to allow you to explore the containers in your new home.
- Unfurnished: Added tool box of crafting mats on top of workbench.
- Small clipping of fire through fireplace (mostly when windy).
Safe Containers:
- All Containers are safe. Also unchecked respawn on PA, Stove and Chem Stations in case it helps.

DiamondCity_Plus - Because the "Great Green Jewel" was a let down.
Added Tress, Cleaned Church, Dugout Inn, Snooty area, Colonial Taphouse, Falons Basement and the Surgery Center. Replaced items w/prewar versions and made some items static (e.g the freaking mannequins & some item to ensure they remain deco). Added glass to upper stand windows. Updated Valentine's home, Piper's home and Home Plate. Put Doctor Sun and Doctor Crocker in clean VaultTec scientist clothing. Cleaned outdoor beds.

Pipers home:
Cleaned, replaced walls/floor/ceiling and removed fog. Fully navmeshed.
Valentines home:
Cleaned, replaced walls/floor/ceiling (made the place larger because I was certain I would hit my head on the ceiling if I jumped 2 inches) and removed fog. Fully navmeshed. I also changed the interview chair to the red prewar chair. The quest works just fine but there is a small amount of clipping when the player sits/stands.
Players home:
Replaced floors, added some basics, removed fog and added a tree, because why not. Increase power radius on fusebox to allow for cord free lighting. Fully navmeshed. Made all furnishings in Home Plate scrapable.

Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:
- Home Plate: All Containers are safe.
Covenant_DrumlinDiner_Plus - Because grime and stains are not "clean" Covenant lady and skeletons inside...really Trudy?!
Covenant: Made most items scrapable including turrets (NOTE: Light fixtures are scrapable but not all delete the lighting). Made placeable doors (once scrapped current doors). Removed a few minor lights. Removed garden dirt. Made homes able to have items placed in them (NOTE: Did not make items owned because you can just store them and them will become owned). Removed Hammer Animation and moved some animations outside so to not interfere with interior decorating. Extended build area a smidge to cover outside shack. Added posters to outside billboard attached to shack.  

Drumlin Diner: Added sleeping bags (more for realism as they don't seem to do anything other than Patrick sitting in one spot and Trudy behind the counter). Made patio set prewar. Did not add additional lighting since I use mod that lights up trim, signs, etc.. Added static items. Added cooking station. Added couch, cigarette machine, plants and sink.
Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:
Goodneighbor_Plus - Just because they are not DC material does not mean they can't use a trashcan.
Cleaned Goodneighbor, Memory Den, Hotel Rexford, and The Third Rail.  Added a couple trees. Repaired/redecorated The Third Rail. Made a lot of items static so they don't get knocked over and are immune to sticky fingers. Fixed upstairs bathroom, added more seating, fixed VIP section, fixed floor. Fully navmeshed.

NOTE: There is a Goodneighbor_Plus (No Enhanced Third Rail) under misc that has just the basic cleaning so it should work with other Third Rail mods.
Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:

Vault81_Prydwen_Plus - Because these lazy npcs don't know how to clean anything.

Nothing Special, just cleaning. Added clean beds to The Prydwen. I won't be posting pictures of this mod since I didn't really change/remove anything other than cleaning house.
Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:

RailroadHQ_BunkerHill_Plus - Again...lazy npcs.

Bunker Hill: Fixed broken section on iron fence. Added trees. Cleaned ground beds.

Railroad HQ: Added small player room area in hallway corner w/player owned bed and safe to use trunk. Added a few rugs. Cleaned area, changed desks, shelving and cleaned beds.

NOTE:  New pictures coming soon.

Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:

- Trunk next to player bed in RR HQ is safe.

AbernathyFarm_FinchFarm_Plus - Because they needed better.

Abernathy Farm: Added 5 working bunk beds and 1 single bed. Added barn. Fully navmeshed. Added Trees. NOTE: Companions will follow all the way upstairs, but they may take their time.

Finch Farm: Added 2 working bunk beds. Added Trees. Fully navmeshed.

NOTE: Doesn't required a new game but I did move the workbench at Finch farm a smidge. If you don't use a new game there will be minor clipping with the outside house wall and the bench.
Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:

-Abernathy Farm: Fridge. Also unchecked respawn on Chem and Stove Stations in case it helps.
-Finch Farm: None

TheSlog_WarwickHomestead_Plus - Again...they needed better.

The Slog: Added beds, carpet, new fencing, second building and sidewalk (can't help grass clipping if using grass mods, sorry). Fully navmeshed.

Warwick Homestead: Added beds, carpet, fixed bridges over pools, added awesome glass bridge to Spectacle Island. Fully navmeshed. Bridge to Spectacle Island is navmeshed. Unsure whether provisioners would take route, I haven't tested them. NOTE: Since the fenced of area is not navmeshed, the fun items have been moved to the building between the pools.

NOTE: Doesn't require a new game however, I noticed a trunk that doesn't move without. It's not a big deal as it is not a safe container anyway so I imagine it would be scraped or not used. It is located in the small building against the wall just up the ramp that leads to the pools.
Goodies: None
Issues: None
Safe Containers:

-All Containers are safe at both except the one chest mentioned above. Also unchecked respawn on Cooking and Armor Stations in case it helps.

PowerFoodWater_Bonus - DC Style Fuse box Added 5,10,20 (2000R) - Fresh food increase & added Fresh Mutfruit Planter - Water increase 5,20,40. REQUIRES HOMEMAKER (for food edits)
Highly Recommended Mods: These mods are not required but my mods were built around them. So, if you want them to be exactly as shown in pictures, you will need them (Highly Recommended Mods).
The order they are listed in, is the installation order:
Covenant Real windows by Ciprriano
Red Rocket in Wood by Calarand
Really Red Rocket by Elianora
Yes to overwrite. This allows for wood floors and Really Red rocket walls. You don't need the walls if you prefer wood, but the floors are needed for Oberland Station to look right.
Bob Ross Happy Little Paintings by Jomla97
Starlight Drive-In And Diner - Lighting by Ceaseless and PDE
Detailed Urban Food by clintmich
Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION by Hein84
Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION by Hein84
Vivid Fallout - Trees by Hein84
Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow by GameDuchess
FO4 Seasons Summer Patch 3.0 (optional file). It adds leaves w/o the other items in the larger version.
Tree LODs and bonus Apple Blossom by frogprincess_q4
Natural Green - Grass Shrubs and Trees by Voetzoeker72
Yes to overwrite.
2RTR - Greener Grasses by 2RTR Somnus
Yes to overwrite.
Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Retexture - a natural and realistic green and brown plant overhaul by 83Willow
Yes to overwrite.
FO4 Seasons Color Patch by brokefoot
No to overwrite.
Realistic Roads by Spiffyskytrooper
Wasteland Water Revival by Feyawen
Tropical version

Recommended Mods:
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team
True Storms - Wasteland Edition (Thunder-Rain-Weather Redone) by fadingsignal
No Heavy Fog (the fog removers do not work for me)
Darker Nights by unforbidable
Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons by Gorgulla
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars by Gorgulla
1k version
Quieter Settlements by Lemures
Crows And Creatures by Xazomn
Spring Cleaning by Nverjos
Scrap dead things by PixelMurder
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
OCDecorator - Static Loot by mcface and EbokianKnight
Build Your Own Pool by Akarnan
New Craftable BobbleHead Displays - Shelves and Animated Skulls by DDProductions83

My Personal Load Order: Using my category judgement (noting what's already provided above).
Unofficial patch
Environment mods
Environment Texture Overwrites (inc. textures for ammo, meds, bobby pins, etc)
Building mods (e.g HomeMaker, scrap mods, OCD Decorator, paintings, etc)
Building Texture Overwrites
Benefit mods (e.g backpacks w/extra carry weight, more caps for vendors, etc)
CBBE/CBBE bodyslider
Skin alteration mods
Eye mods ( order: The Eyes of the Beauty-Ghoul Eyes-Synth Eyes)
Companion mods (anything companion related from textures to no affinity)
Player Preset
Hair mods
Clothing mods

Enhanced Commonwealth Mod(s)

*I've had no issues doing it this way, ensuring to also follow any specifics other mod authors provide for their creations.*

Known Mod Conflicts/Incompatible Mods: Any mod that edits the same cell(s) will have conflicts. Some are as simple as finding the right load order and others are to heavily changed that it comes down to a patch or one or the other.

Location: Sanctuary
MOD: The Collector's Guides by Elys
FIX: Put it before the Enhanced Commonwealth mods in load order and the problem is fixed. -Thank you Rubithen and diskdevl.

Location: Oberland Station
MOD: Paradise Bunker by greekrage
FIX: None at this time. -Thank you ReaperTai.

Location: Red Rocket
MOD: Turn Concord into a Settlement by Bigtalon
FIX: None at this time. -Thank you truemeaning.

I would like to offer a huge thank you to mod author Elianora (Rockin' Red Rocket). I used their pictures for interior inspiration on furnishings but fell in love with the mod so much that I used quite a few of the same placements. It was like a wonderful post apocalyptic home decorating catalog. I would like to thank mod author Galejro (The Moon Palace). I used their pictures for inspiration on creating a fence. I would also like to thank Fancy Rocket and Back Bay Penthouse by Calarand. I used their mods for inspiration as well. And thank you to the Creation Kit!