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Abernathy Farm envisioned as a small city. Mostly empty buildings for you to decorate. Also lots of extra buiding space for your own buildings or Sim Settlements.

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This is the enlarged version of Abernathy Farm. Completely scrapped and buit up from the ground. First ever attempt at having anything to do with modding whatsoever.

Lots of small and large empty buildings for your own decoraing tastes. I've also left a sizeable patch of barren land empty for your own expansion urges. Make the existing town twice as large! Check the screens for the buildable area. 

I mostly used the well-known building mods such as Castle in the Sky ( Masterplan ), Snappy, Homemaker, Snap 'n Build and the g2m workshop ( Thank you to all the authors !! ) and seeing as I did not decorate a lot you should be able to recreate this without installing a lot of extra mods. Sim Settlements is in the list, because I used the grassy foundations from an add-on. 

Oh, there's also a nice big maze in the city. If you're lucky you will spawn richt in the middle....mwoehahaha

Be gentle, be kind! This is a first for me.

Carpe Diem !