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After nearly 20 years since the release of Free Radical Design's Second Sight, the most curious gentleman himself, John Vattic, is back in action in the Commonwealth!

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"That's a good question. I guess I don't know" - John Vattic


In 2004, after the success of TimeSplitters, Free Radical Design released the companion piece to Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, often known as Second Sight. The game follows the 24-year old John Vattic as he uncovers his secrets to regain his memories of his past by defeating his enemies whom were murdered his adoptive father Joshua Starke and his girlfriend Jayne Wilde. Unfortunately, after the critical and commercial failure of Haze, Free Radical Design went bankrupt for its good until Crytek decided to revive its company under the new name Crytek UK, but it again closed doors to its good in 2014.

In 2021, Free Radical Design was reactivated in Nottingham under Deep Silver to work a brand new title in TimeSplitters series, thus leading its complete resurgence from the COVID-19 pandemic. After the brief demise of Free Radical Design, Second Sight was such a good video game like Psi-Ops, but with more different superpowers than Psi-Ops

John Vattic is returning back to the Commonwealth in Fallout 4 with his cozy-looking superhuman abilities.

Here's all you need to know about John Vattic!

John Vattic was born in The Pitt in 2263 alongside with other Raider children and grew up in the Capital Wasteland in 2273. His brother, Jackson, was born in 2261, and the two were very close, often playing together at a local bar in Megaton. The two were friends with Jackson's classmate Jayne Wilde, who was often teased at his residence in the Capital Wasteland due to her pneumonia, particularly by her cousin Silas Hanson III and his gang, including Miranda Starke, the daughter of Paladin Joshua Starke of the Brotherhood of Steel.In a later therapy session with Knight Captain Cade on the present day 2287, John Vattic admitted to having felt "lost" during his childhood, "thrown away." He also harbored some resentment for his grandfather, Joseph Vattic, who lives in The Commonwealth. When he was 5 years old, he suddenly become unconscious when he opened the Pitt FEV box, resulting his superhuman abilities. After that, the Brotherhood arrived to the Pitt to find John Vattic and they quickly rebuilt and preserve the Pitt FEV box few years later in Rivet City under Madison Li. 

Life during The Second Scourge

During The Second Scourge in 2275, when John Vattic was twelve years old, he, Jayne Wilde, Jackson Vattic, Miranda Starke and Silas Hanson III discovered that the dump site they played at had seemingly shifted, enabling them to travel deeper inside. There, they discovered a mysterious FEV box from Vault 87 which they discovered had the ability to using their superhuman powers, by breaking or opening the FEV boxes seen on individual archives. John Vattic later reported that there were 120 boxes, though Jackson claimed there were only 99 boxes. After their discovery John Vattic, Jayne Wilde, Miranda Starke, and Jackson Vattic began to explore the Citadel and examining some of the FEV boxes retrieved by the Brotherhood, though John Vattic was averse to some of the FEV boxes, namely "PItt FEV box," which caused him to have strange dreams, and "Rivet City FEV Box," which gave John Vattic his first superhuman abilities.

In one particular FEV box, which the people named "Vault 87 FEV box," John Vattic, Miranda Starke, Jayne Wilde, Jackson Vattic, and Silas Hanson III encountered a mysterious, unseen intelligence which communicated to them telepathically. The entity told the children that they were special, and "made them special." John Vattic grew fond of the entity, and named it "Algonquin" after the Native American tribe. The people continued to examine these FEV boxes frequently over the subsequent two weeks, and Jayne Wilde in particular examined the Pitt FEV box quite often. However, Silas Hanson beat up John Vattic and forced him to reveal the location of the Vault 87 FEV box. John Vattic was then placed in Rivet City as Madison Li and her team taking care of him, eventually placed him in a few days until Silas Hanson III's father, Silas Hanson Jr. discovers him safe.

Returning to the Citadel, Silas Hanson III and his gang began their own examinations into the FEV boxes, eventually falling under the influence of the Fawkes, who gave the full examination of its FEV boxes and began to alter their behavior. This culminated in Silas Hanson III and the gang attacking and abandoning their mentor, Madison Li. Following this, Silas Hanson and the gang were held custody by the Brotherhood, and John Vattic, Miranda Starke, Jackson Vattic and Jayne Wilde were interrogated about the Vault 87 FEV box by Sentinel Lyons and Elder Lyons. John Vattic recalled wishing for his grandfather Joseph Vattic to stay safe, and the next morning, he and Jayne Wilde found that the entire children during The Second Scourge had been taken custody by the Brotherhood of Steel, including Jayne Wilde and John Vattic himself. They then followed Silas Hanson III and his gang to the Capital Wasteland, discovering that the people gained superhuman abilities after the raiders destroyed more FEV boxes.

John Vattic grabbed the Vault 87 FEV box and they began to run away, pursued closely by the Super Mutants and the Raiders. When they were almost about to be attacked, both Miranda Starke and Silas Hanson III suddenly reappeared and saved them, though according to Jackson, but both Miranda Starke and Silas Hanson III now had being placed in Rivet City under their tutor Madison Li. The FEV boxes would permanently broken, so John Vattic turned unconscious and gaining his superhuman abilities, where he asked the Brotherhood for help. Elder Lyons instructed John Vattic on how to use his superhuman powers, which resulted in the hostility of the Enclave, the Raiders, and the Super Mutants. John Vattic subsequently retained the remaining FEV boxes except for the broken one from Vault 87.

Responding to The Second Scourge, the Elder Lyons and the Brotherhood of Steel sent a team led by Paladin Joshua Starke and his fellow scribe Silas Hanson to investigate. John Vattic, Jayne Wilde, and Jackson Vattic led them to the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland, at which point the Brotherhood attempted to apprehend three of them. John Vattic and Jayne Wilde was able to escape, but Jackson was captured by the Brotherhood, and taken away. John Vattic would be consumed with guilt over this event.

After the Second Scourge

In the present day 2287, as he grown up in The Commonwealth, the now 24-year old John Vattic drifted between jobs and residences, at one point working as a lobbyist. No one believed his stories about the events during The Second Scourge in the Capital Wasteland, as the Brotherhood of Steel had covered up these events and declared them to be a heavy massacre of Raiders and Super Mutants whom were destroying some of the FEV boxes, including from Vault 87. John Vattic was placed under psychiatric care with Knight Captain Cade for a few weeks, though his Scribes and his doctors consistently disbelieved his stories about The Second Scourge as well, claiming that he had invented them from his imagination.

Reuniting with Jackson Vattic, his grandfather Joseph, Silas Hanson III, Miranda Starke and Jayne Wilde, John Vattic remained resolute that the events in The Second Scourge had indeed happened, but felt lost due to the world around him not believing the same. John Vattic spent much of his life searching for his memories which had taken away his brother, but was very able to find them.

Unbeknownst to him, that very same Brotherhood of Steel monitored him consistently due to his unique unique superhuman abilities and connection to The Second Scourge. Elder Maxson and Joshua Starke also remained in distant contact with John Vattic, and he would occasionally receive messages from him. However, these messages did become significant until then, when John Vattic became convinced that Maxson was summoning him to the Brotherhood of Steel. As the result, he subsequently left his current residence in Diamond City and traverse around the Commonwealth to reach Prydwen.

The Vattic Family
Joshua Starke

Joshua Starke is John Vattic's adoptive father, as he adopted him when John Vattic was only 5 years old. He was a high ranking Brotherhood of Steel Paladin in the Capital Wasteland under Elder Lyons, until he brought up to The Commonwealth under Paladin Brandis and Elder Maxson.

Jayne Wilde

Jayne Wilde is John Vattic's cousin. She often aids John Vattic to defeat the Institute for his revenge against his life during The Second Scourge in the Capital Wasteland.

Silas Hanson

Scribe SIlas Hanson was the head scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Citadel under Madison Lee's guidance. He was ostensibly known for his recovery and preservation of near damaged FEV boxes around the Capital Wasteland.
My thoughts on Second Sight

Second Sight was a defining success for TimeSplitter developers Free Radical Design, as they described as "how Splinter Cell blended with superhuman abilities and telekinetic powers". After its initial release in 2004, Second Sight would help develop its major influence for many later video games, including the highly acclaimed BioShock series and Alan Wake, and more recently Control and Quantum Break. Reviews for Second Sight was considerably lower than its companion piece, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, which was developed and Midway Games. In fact, Free Radical Design, the developer of Second Sight and unversally-acclaimers TimeSplitters series, was based in Nottingham, UK, but Midway Games, the developer of Psi-Ops, was based out of Chicago, Illinois. Despite not playing TimeSplitters in my early childhood, I definitely hailed TimeSplitters series as Doom and Quake with time travelling.

If you like this, please remind me for more information about John Vattic if you like Second Sight on PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.

And if you like Second Sight, please say Ad Victoriam to everyone and to John Vattic himself!