Fallout 4

About this mod

This is a Parkour project which started in 2016, my world has grown and will continue to grow.
Experience exhilerating obstacle courses and climb the tallest buildings with the help of handbuilt routes enbedded into the environment.
Inspirations from Mirror's Edge, Assassins Creed, Getting Over it, Hot Lava

Permissions and credits



It's been about 9 months since i uploaded my Parkour World experiment onto the Nexus and my project has grown and has taken new wonderful shapes. Make sure to check out PART 1 here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27713 and watch the previous video showcase aswell to get the full picture.

Work season is over for me so i had the time to go at it again. Within the last month i created a few new fantastic obstacle courses which add to the routes i already created. All in All it's already an extensive compendium of different challenges, which can entertain you hours or even days. You just have to give it a go. It's a different way to experience and explore Fallout 4.

Inspirations from Mirror's Edge, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Getting Over it, Hot Lava, Source Jump/Surf Maps

- "Stage Two Route": A very extensive new route with varied challenges and speed, it starts at the "Stage One Complete" Check Point and ends on top of the Hub 360 tower.

- "Entry Point Route": It starts at groundlevel and connects to the three Towers where additional routes can be unlocked.

- 'Husk': After beating the Entry Point, you have to climb up, then you are up to a choice to stay and climb even further up or you continue to the "Stage One Route" until the final checkpoint.

- 'Pylon': Right next to Husk is another tower route. It entry point can be reached with a leap of faith from the eagle spot which is near the checkpoint. I will show it off in another video otherwise the video wouldv'e become to long. Alternatively you just download the savegame and try it yourself!

I want to keep the description short this time,

Sit back, relax and enjoy the videos, they show off everything i have created so far, underlined with some nice music

The highest discipline is sprint on, standard speed/fov settings, no jet, 3rd person mode fully zoomed out and with 'tgm' (godmode) on.
You always try to make it through in one go
without pause and not losing too much momentum
Fire Barrels acts as quicksave spots
Follow the Oil lamps, they show you where to go next.

In the end you make your own rules, go at your own pace, sprinting through it is the highest difficulty setting if you will. You can also add/modify elements to the tracks if you wish to. This is a sandbox in a sandbox.

F4SE (Fallout 4 Script Extender)
Place Everywhere
DDP AIO Standalone

Decoration (to see the full extend of my changes to the map):
-Homemaker (Red Boxes Collectibles, some generators, burning barrels)
---Do it Yourshelf
----Wall Oil Lamps(Used extensively as waypoints and to give off a nice athmospere at night)
-----Cryo Pods and Memory Den Beds
------Hide Pip-Boy
-------Faith Connors Customization
--------Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a(Faith's hairstyle)
---------Colored Workshop Lights(Green glow for the Glowing Fungii)
----------Advanced Settlement Turret Set (Blue Laser show on the giant ramp and on top of buildings)
-----------Spiral Staircases by DDP (Gimmiky launch tube on top of  Mass Fusion Tower)
------------Wasteland Workshop DLC (power generator, Neon Letters, concrete)
-------------Contraptions Workshop DLC (Marquie Arrows, Fireworks)


Just the download and extract the savefiles, install the necessary mod, ignore the mod warnings and make a fresh Savegame once you are ingame.
Savegames are located in .../Documents/My Games/Fallout 4/Saves

The mod list might look extensive, but these are all pretty useful mods which i think fit into every modlist.
I mainly used vanilla items to build the general shapes, power generator and some lights are taken from the Wasteland Workshop items, Marquie arrows from Contraptions DLC, the other mods are for decoration mostly and are recommended aswell, otherwise you miss out on the athmosphere i created

Mass Fusion Tower from my old upload uses old 'Snap n' Build Greenhouse' and 'DDP ramps & rails standalone' pieces. I repaired most of the damage and replaced them with homemaker greenhouses and ramps from AIO pack, but there might still be some pieces missing. Download them if you wanna go and explore the Mass Fusion route aswell, you find them under 'Optional Files' ..... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27713

If you return to your regular savegame make sure to deactivate undesired mods in your Nexus Mod Manager before starting up the game. You can also create an own profile in Nexus Mod Manager, if you wanna play my savegame, so you can switch between mod setups.

More coming soon!

Stay tuned and..