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Simple City plans for Conqueror that won't eat up your FPS.

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Don't you just hate overly detailed city plans? Sure, they're pretty and well-made, but they eat up memory and FPS like crazy, and the Path-finding? Oh, boy. These are simple, no frills city plans to use with Conqueror, none of them surpass 700 objects, so you'll still have plenty of room to build and give them your own personal touch, Some settlements have been altered a lot, some weren't, it all depends on the location.

Simple defenses have been added, so you will have that to consider when invading as well.

Currently, there are city plans for;

-Red Rocket
-Sunshine Tidings
-Tenpine Bluffs
-Nordhagen Beach
-Coastal Cottage
-Kingsport Lighthouse
-The Castle
-Abernathy Farms

Homemaker by NovaCoru is Required, and both Far Harbor and Wasteland Workshop are essential.

Aside, from that, there are no other requirements, except, Sim Settlements, of course.