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Automated Ammunation Plant in Starlight Drive In. Now with working weirs and conduits.

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Finally thanks to cdante we have Transfer Settlements with working conduits and wires so I can proudly present my working ammo plant in Starlight Drive-In.

How to start:

After importing blueprint all switches will be on, turn off all ammo switches also "Divert", "Cleaner" "Purge" and "Hopper" I explain what they do later.
Now go to second floor, you will see row of Component Sorters. Each sorter is labeled, "Oil", "Lead" etc. Put each of those components to sorters. It's very important not to mess this up.

We are almost done so bare with me. ;) When you are done with Components Sorters go back to first floor and find Component Extractor. In image section you will find screenshots of everything I'm writing about. Components Extractors pulls components from workshop. There are two ways to go, you can put all components, same that you put in Sorters into Component Extractor. This way when you start producing ammo, Component Extractor will pull all of them out of workshop and Sorters will only choose those you need for a specific ammo type. Or you can put only specific components in to extractor for only one type of ammo. For example you want to make 5,56mm ammo it needs only Lead and Fertilizer, put those and only those will be extracted. Downside is you need to change those components everytime you change ammo type. There's a nearby locker where I store components and only replace them when I need to switch to different ammo type. It may sound complicated but its not you will see in game. :)

Now go to control room, hard to miss it, go to console and choose ammo type. It will tell you what components will be needed. But if you put all types of components in to extractor it doesn't matter. After you picked ammo type exit console and turn on Ammo Switch for example 5,56 and that's it. Just sit and wait listing to that great Old World Boston Radio. ;)

If you want to manufacture energy weapons ammo turn off "Ammo" switch it will divert components to second ammo forge.

There are few more switches they are mostly for maintenance.
Purge switch is responsible for opening all Hoppers so you can transfer leftover components back to storage, however it should be switched together with "Cleaner". This will close access to both forges and transfer components directly to Workshop. Also it will suck all components that where left in forges.
"Hopper" switch transfers power to Component Extractor.
Hopper switch is a safeguard it will only transfer components to Sorters but wont open Hoppers for that you need to turn switch with ammo type you want to produce. Yeah I know...dont ask me why I named them like this. ;) 
"Power" switch transfers power to all other switches, turning it off will shutdown whole place, including light.
"Light" switch turns on and off lights in the factory.

Hers the list of plugins you need.

         "DLC items to manufacturing.esp",

         "Northland Diggers New.esp",

Bolded red plugins are essential for this factory to work as intended. Rest of those mods are just for crap I build to make it IMMERSIVE. ;) 

Before importing, clean the whole place. Its quite big so no wrecked cars or radioactive barrels in water.

Here's a quick guide how it all works, no voiceover but should be somewhat helpful